Colossal Features Thinkspace Family Member – Matthew Grabelsky

Colossal the art and culture website features Thinkspace Family member Matthew Grabelsky’s in a piece titled, Surreal Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky Take the New York City Subway for a Wild Ride.  

“New York City is sometimes affectionately (or disaffectionately) referred to as a “concrete jungle,” but for Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky it’s more of a big cageless zoo. ” – Colossal

The article features a collection of Grabelsky’s work with anthropomorphic subway riders, but for LAX / PDX II Grabelsky’s introduces a new direction with his latest piece “55th Street & 7th Avenue” which features a black bear taking to the streets of NY.

We’re excited to see Matthew Grabelsky’s world expand as he works towards his solo exhibition at Scope Miami this December.

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SKEWVILLE, formed in 1996, has been prolific in the street art scene way before it even became a scene. Most known for their silkscreen wooden sneakers that have been tossed over thousands of telephone wires worldwide.

The twin brothers have simply taken over our booth at Moniker and we are excited to share it with you all. Below is a full catalog of all their new works on view this week in Brooklyn, New York with us.


If interested in a piece from SKEWVILLE’s new body of work for Moniker New York, please email and be sure to also include your phone number when getting in touch.

Look for Thinkspace at
Booth 20 featuring a solo exhibition from Skewville

Moniker is taking place this weekend at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse
(73 West Street) in Brooklyn, New York


Friday, May 4
General Admission 12-10PM

Saturday, May 5
General Admission: 12-8PM

Sunday, May 6
General Admission: 12-6PM

Purchase discounted tickets at:
** Use the code: THINKSPACE50 **


THINKSPACE AT SCOPE NEW YORK 2016 | Brian M. Viveros and Group Show


Thinkspace at SCOPE NEW YORK this coming March 3 – March 6

Look for Thinkspace at Booth B1 featuring a solo show from Brian M. Viveros
We’ll also be exhibiting new works from:

Alex Yanes
Brian Mashburn
Cinta Vidal
David Cooley
Drew Leshko
Isaac Cordal
James Bullough
Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One)
Jolene Lai
KiSung Koh
Mina Hamada
Sean Mahan
Sergio Garcia
Seth Armstrong


Brian M. Viveros ‘Fearless’ – oil and acrylic on maple board

Thinkspace is pleased to be returning to New York City next week for the 16th edition of SCOPE New York which will be returning to its location one block from the Armory Show Piers at Metropolitan West Pavilion. We will be featuring a solo show from Brian M. Viveros along with various works from our Thinkspace Family this coming March. This special presentation of new work is Viveros’ first on the East Coast since 2012. The past year has been a significant one for the artist, following Viveros’ hugely popular and sold out exhibition with the gallery in November 2015, Matador, and the launch of his first art book The Dirtyland; the 216 page, full color monograph surveys 18 years of Viveros’ work, and is the first publication released by Thinkspace Editions. This dedicated project at Scope will offer East Coast and international fans alike a chance to access brand new, never-before-seen works by the artist.

Cleopatra Forever

Brian M. Viveros ‘Cleopatra Forever’ – oil and acrylic on maple board

The mini-solo show will include phenomenal new paintings and charcoal drawings, some of Viveros’ very best and most accomplished to date. Gorgeously detailed, the saturated paintings continue the use of meticulous patterning, figurative hyperrealism, texture, and prop detail that Viveros had channeled throughout his last show Matador.Alongside these paintings are a series of new charcoal works on paper executed in a much looser and more gestural rendering style.The level of depth and minutiae in the work is greater than ever, as his signature no holds barred vixens haunt from incredibly complete surfaces. With new palettes and contrasting color combinations that include everything from deep plums and teal blues to cobalts and his signature crimsons, Viveros’ Dirtyland continues to stake its claim as an undeniably seductive empire…ruled by smoking hot sovereigns.

Cinta Vidal

Cinta Vidal ‘Connected and Disconnected’ – acrylic on wood panel

SCOPE New York’s convenient and well-appointed venue will host 60 international galleries and a focused schedule of special events, performances and talks to complement its new open-plan exhibition format. The first fair to run concurrent with The Armory Show, SCOPE New York’s spirit of innovation has consistently forged the way for emerging artists and galleries. Attuned to nuances in the market and itself an influential force in the cultural sphere, SCOPE continues to usher in a new vision of the contemporary art fair.

David Cooley

David Cooley ‘Festooned’ – acrylic and resin on wood panel

Located at:

639 W 46th St (between 11th & 12th Avenues)
New York, NY 10036


Platinum First View: Thursday | Mar 3 | 2PM – 4PM
VIP | Press Preview: Thursday | Mar 3 | 4PM – 6PM
Thursday | Mar 3 | 6PM – 10PM
Friday | Mar 4 | 11AM – 8PM
Saturday | Mar 5 | 11AM – 8PM
Sunday | Mar 6 | 11AM – 8PM

Tickets and full details can be found at

Sean Mahan

Sean Mahan ‘The Continuous Thread’ – acrylic on wood panel

Collaboration between Ernest Zacharevic and Martha Cooper #REPLAYNYC

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

New Yorkers and art enthused tourist have a new art adventure to go on, #REPLYANYC. An on-street collaboration between Ernest Zacharevic and photographer Martha Cooper have the walls of New York covered in new art to discover.

Generations apart, on different sides of the world working in different mediums; both Ernest and Martha strive to capture the same charming whimsy and character of any given moment or place. Ernests recent trip to NYC provided the perfect opportunity to collaborate.

Over the course of 6 weeks the pair selected 7 images from Matha’s impressive collection of works, spanning 3 decades. These photos were reimagined through murals and on street interventions by Ernest. Still to come, a short story produced by the awesome team at All City Canvas, official images from Martha herself documenting Ernest’s progress and the original photos which inspired the project.

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

Here are the locations you can find #REPLAYNYC work:

1. “Kid Fly’: 944 Amsterdam New York, NY 10025
2. “You be the Kid, ill be the Mum”: 1268 Myrtle Brooklyn, NY 11221
3. Boy on a fence, Corner of 107th St and Lexington East Harlem
4. Fence Climbers, The Wyckoff Paediatric Center, 1411 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237
5. Bottles, Bedford and Nostrand Train Station
6. “Cowboys and Crooks” on the side of a van situated on the corner of Franklin Ave and Lafayette
7. Lil Crazy Legs, 110 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

REPLAYNYC Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic will be showing two pieces with Thinkspace Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach, December 1-6. We welcome you to stop by the Thinkspace Gallery booth number F03.

SCOPE New York 2015 : Featuring A Solo Show from Andrew Hem

Scope New York Andrew Hem

Look for Thinkspace at Booth A3 featuring a solo show from Andrew Hem at Scope New York 2015, international contemporary art show.

Opening Reception with the Artist(s):
Friday, March 6, 2015
2:00pm – 10:00pm

Alongside new works from:
Adam Caldwell – Allison Sommers – Carl Cashman – Christine Wu – David Cooley – Erik Jones – Ernest Zacharevic – Jacub Gagnon – Jeff Ramirez – Jeremy Fish – Jolene Lai – Kevin Peterson – Meggs – Nosego – Ravi Zupa – Tory Lovegates

Fair Location:
SCOPE Pavilion
639 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036

Fair Schedule:

Platinum First View
Fri | Mar 6 | 2PM – 4PM

VIP | Press Preview
Fri | Mar 6 | 4PM – 6PM

General Admission
Fri | Mar 6 | 6PM – 10PM
Sat | Mar 7 | 11AM – 8PM
Sun | Mar 8 | 11AM – 8PM

Tickets and full details at


Scope Art New York Map