Press praise for ‘Red Forest’ starts to stream in…

“Judging from the crowd that showed up for the opening, KMNDZ & Ekundayo careers are going in an opposite direction when compared to the stock market right now. Entering the gallery was like entering into their own little post-nuclear apocalyptic world.” – Arrested Motion

“The work from both artists is extremely good – each artist has a strong vision and the excellence in execution to draw viewers in completely and totally. Perhaps more importantly, both artists manage to mix the visual sugar with a sense of contextual depth that elevates the work beyond mere eye candy. Some onlookers proclaimed the show, “the best of the year”. That’s arguable but it’s safe to say this is one of the highlight shows of the year and should definitely put people on notice about both Ekundayo and KMNDZ. If you’re not watching both of these young artists, you need to start – now.” – Daily DuJour

Arrested Motion coverage here:

Daily DuJour coverage here:

Also find some additional shots from Arrested Motion‘s very own Marcus Lo below:
*photo above courtesy of Daily DuJour