‘Overdose’ group show coming up at Copro Gallery on April 4th… sneak peek at piece from KMNDZ

KMNDZ “In Numb and Callus”

The Hi-Fructose: Overdose Group Exhibition is coming up on April 4th at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica! The Opening starts at 8pm and they will be having a ‘Hi-Fructose: Collected Edition Box Set‘ signing with artists from the set as well at 8:30 (more news on that to come).

The art exhibition features 60 amazing artists including Andrew Hem • Travis Louie • Kathie Olivas • KMNDZ • Erick Fortune • Damon Soule • Dan May • Martin Wittfooth • Tin • Nathan Spoor • Naoto Hattori • Luke Chueh • Lola • KuKula • Scott Musgrove • Naoto Hattori • Joe Vaux • Travis Louie • Robert Hardgrave • Mia • Skot Olsen • Dan Quintana • Tin • Josh Keyes (*image above) and many more…

For a great preview on the show as a whole, check out Arrested Motion‘s post here.

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