Honolulu’s Star Advertiser Features POW! WOW! & Thinkspace Gallery

Thinkspace Gallery’s collaboration with Pow! Wow! Hawaii for the 3rd annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement’ was featured in local paper the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. We still believe there is still a bit of panache in print and are excited to share an image of the article below, but as we doubt it’s legible, click here to read the full post.

Star Adviser Pow Wow Press

Audrey Kawasaki POW! WOW! Hawaii Mural Recap

Audrey Kawasaki Pow Wow

Audrey Kawasaki took the time to write out her personal experience of painting “The Siren” a 23 ft by 37ft mural for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2016. The thoughtful piece covers her initial concept and color testing to execution in front of an ever-changing audience. We encourage you to read her recap and view additional behind the scene photos that capture the process of bringing “The Siren” to life.

Full article on Audrey Kawasaki’s Blog. 

I’m not much of a writer, but I think it’s important to record my personal experience at Pow! Wow! Hawaii! What began with feeling anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, and even dreadful, ended up becoming one of the most beautiful, eye-opening, life changing experiences ever. – A. Kawasaki