Interview with Cinta Vidal on PR0HBTD


If you’re still not convinced of the epicness that is Cinta Vidal’s neck craning work, then check out this great interview she did with PR0HBTD. ¬†Tomorrow, Saturday,¬†August 13th is the last day to view Cinta Vidal’s ‘Gravities’ and Adam Caldwell’s ‘Dark Stage’. To view all available work from the exhibitions please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website. Visit for the full interview with Cinta Vidal.

I think we all live in the same world but inhabit it in different ways. We often share a landscape but see it from different points of view. I am passionate about the idea of being physically close to someone but mentally far. In order to show this idea, I play with the various orientations a painting can have. You will never be able to see all points of view at the same time, so you must choose which one you see upward. I think this also happens in life: All points of view are possible but we eventually choose one. – Cinta Vidal for PR0HBTD

Cinta Vidal ‘Gravities’ Show Pieces:

Adam Caldwell ‘Dark Stages’ Show Pieces:

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