Hi-Fructose Preview of Kwon Kyung-yup’s “Melancholia”

kwon kyung-yup hi fructose

Hi-Fructose released an online preview of Kwon Kyung-yup’s upcoming exhibition Melancholia. The exhibition, which will be in Thinkspace Gallery’s main room, will be showing all new works by the Korean painter as she explores her memories and addresses the most desperate and desirable issues of humanity.

Read and view the full preview on Hi-Fructose’s website.

“Her works find an emotional balance between her artistic inspirations, citing the beauty in Klimt’s paintings which she pairs with tragedy, as found in the works of Caravaggio.” – Hi-Fructose

Supersonic Coverage of Pow! Wow! Hawaii on Supersonic Art

Supersonic Press Pow! Wow! Hawaii

We’ve been posting our own behind the scenes photos of the murals going down this past week for Pow! Wow! Hawaii on our Instagram. But for more high-quality progress shots, hop on over to Supersonic Art as they have been documenting the event all week.

Audrey Mural Pow Wow Hawaii

‘Galimatias’ Coverage Up On Juxtapoz and Arrested Motion

Etam Coverage

It may be cold outside but that hasn’t kept people away from ‘Galimatias’; Thinkspace’s latest exhibition by polish duo Etam Cru. The show is sold out with only a few prints still left on hand. If you didn’t get a chance to see the opening, check out the coverage on Juxtapoz and Arrested Motion. ‘Galimatias’ is on view till January 16th, please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website for holiday hours.

Etam Coverage

Fresh Coverage of ‘Along Infinite River” up on Arrested Motion

Arrested Motion


Arrested Motion stopped in on the opening night of Nosego’s ‘Along Infinite River’ and took some fun fresh pics. Check them out on their website.

Philadelphia-base artist unveiled a collection of new vibrant paintings that put his surreal hybrids of different creatures and landscapes on display.