Creative Process, Works In Progress : Amy Sol & KIKYZ1313

Amy Sol’s “Garden Gamine” exhibition in the Thinkspace Gallery main room and KIKYZ1313’s “Progeny of Chaos” debut exhibition with us in the project room, opens only a few days from now. The pieces are being arranged and hung, but the process from panel to our white walls isn’t a fast one.

Below are insights into the artists’ creative processes and teasers of the works in progress shared on Instagram. Please join us this Saturday, April 2nd for the opening reception of both exhibitions from 6-9pm.

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glaze on glaze off 🙆🙇 #oilpainting

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Amy, walk us through what a day in the studio looks like?

When I’m prepping a body of work I tend to, for better or worse, compartmentalize my life to an extreme. I have to do this in order to have the energy and time to create. My life bar is not very strong, so I have to use it wisely. That involves having to isolate myself a bit… so less internet, e-mails and interaction in general. If I’m lucky, it is just me in a room, with plants, my dog, coffee, lots of decent listening material, and a block of time to paint and do nothing else.

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It takes time to for an artist to develop their voice and style, then once they have defined who they are as an artist they must continue to push and grow without losing their voice. Amy, as you’ve been in the post-contemporary world for nearly 10 years now, how do you push yourself to grow and experiment while still maintaining your unique style?

Experimenting with mediums is the phase I am in right now, I just started using oil a year ago. It is a huge challenge for me, and I feel it’s good because there are so many possibilities to be explored. My biggest rule is to trust my instincts. If I get a new idea, I try it out. I can’t put much energy into thinking where it will all lead to and how it might change me. I just try it, and if it doesn’t work I can paint over it. If I am excited to paint and getting something out of it, I feel I’m on the right path. Being in that mindset isn’t always as easy as it sounds but it’s what I aim for.

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  This one is slowly coming to life 🌼🌿(showing one of the boring parts only) #theprogenyofchaos #thinkspacegallery   A photo posted by Kikyz1313 (@kikyz1313) on

KIKYZ1313, walk us through what a day in the studio looks like?

The studio is next to the bedroom, so as soon as I wake up , about 9:00 in the morning I like to go and check whatever I did last day in case my eyes were too tired and see if I messed it up in some way, relieved or worried I take a breakfast and start working in the drawing till 13:00 hrs approximately to do some grocery shopping for the day’s meal and go back home to cook. I like to take a little 20 or 30 min of rest and then I continue where I left the drawing. Around 19:00 hrs I take another half hour of spare time, play with the cat, social media, e-mails, etc. and go back to the drawing table for another couple more hours and finish the day with a nice cup of tea and movies. I usually do between 8 to 9 hours drawing, but when I’m in a rush for something I can even spend 12 hours drawing a day, and still it is hard for me to keep up with most of the artist out there, but really hope the effort stands out from every drawing.