Thinkspace Family member and Moniker International Art Fair featured artist David Cooley was recently interviewed by arts and culture website PROHBTD. The interview dives into Cooley’s creative processes intersection with meditation and self-discovery.  Visit the PROHBTD website for the full interview.

Has anyone come to a show and talked to you about your art while clearly tripping on shrooms or acid?

I’ve shown work at a couple music festivals years ago, so I’m sure it’s happened, but honestly I can’t really think of a time when that’s happened at a show. One time I was in a bar, and this guy was clearly tripping pretty hard on acid. While we were talking, the topic of art came up so I showed some photos of my work on my phone. He was genuinely super excited about my work, and he just kept hugging and thanking me. It actually felt pretty good to share my work with someone in that state and have them react like that.

Make sure to keep your eye out for Cooley’s latest body of work showing at Moniker International Art Fair, October 5th – 8th in London. To view all available work from David Cooley please visit the Thinkspace Gallery’s website.


Thinkspace Family artist, Sergio Garcia is known for his life-size and sometimes larger than life sculptures of hands and vices. Garcia has created these idle hands portraying various scenes mostly seen outside of the white walls of the gallery space garnering attention from collectors and celebrities. PROHBTD recently interviewed Sergio Garcia to dive deeper into his process.

Currently, Sergio Garcia will be exhibiting several new pieces this weekend at The 4th Annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement’. To view more of Sergio Garcia’s work visit the Thinkspace Gallery website and view PROHBTD’s full interview with the artist on their site.

At Art Basel in Miami, you exhibited a giant ashtray with a cannabis joint that you titled A Little Conversation Piece. What is the conversation people should be having about cannabis?

It’s really a conversation piece about everything in America. It’s weird how [cannabis] is legal here, not there, this county yes, maybe that county. It gets to this point where it’s like, is it taboo to smoke out in the open? Where are we on this? Where are we with anything? When I was younger, there was more middle ground. It’s gotten so extreme that common sense went out the window. Especially with Donald Trump, it’s like, what are we doing now?

Sergio Garcia

Sandra Chevrier Interview on PROHBTD

A fresh interview with Sandra Chevrier went live on PROHBTD.com yesterday. The Canadian artist exhibited her latest body of work at Thinkspace Gallery this past October for a nearly sold-out show, The Cages; and the Reading Rooms of their Lives. Visit PROHBTD’s website for the full interview with Chevrier and view available work by her on the Thinkspace Gallery website.

If a woman facing high expectations were to see your work, what emotions and feelings would you hope she would experience?

Art to me is not only a way of expression, it is a language on its own. I’ve always used it to release my inner demons. I now try to reflect not only my inner vision but find a matter that will speak to a larger audience.

The way I see it, the work demands to be dissected beyond its surface value. The masks that overlay the portraits are quite literally torn between the fantastical heroics and iconography of comic books and the harsher underlying tragedy of oppressed female identity and the exposed superficial illusion therein. Inside the male-dominated world within the Cages, my subjects denounce the role given to the female counterpart therein, refusing to play the part of seducer or victim. Also, the images used within the “cages” range from scenes of conflict, triumph and defeat. It gives focus to the latter, highlighting the fragility of the superhero, their own struggles and weaknesses, exposing the humanity within the superhuman. Society is asking us to become Superheros; we should allow ourselves to be fragile.

Audrey Kawasaki Interview on PROHBTD

Online culture magazine PROHBTD posted an incredible interview with Thinkspace Family artist Audrey Kawasaki. The interview features her most recent exhibition Interlude. Visit PROHBTD’s website for the full interview.

Do you envision your characters as inherently good or deceptively dangerous? 

Both, but more towards the latter. I imagine that, if she appeared in front of me, I would keep good distance. Her charm would be undeniable, and I’d be drawn to her, sure, but I’d rather watch and observe her from afar. I wouldn’t want to get entangled in her affairs. I think for me, as the artist who creates them, I like the idea that they are mysterious, secretive and difficult. Their intangibility makes for a good story and keeps me interested.

Brian Viveros Featured on PROHBTD

Brian Viveros PROHBTD

Thinkspace Family artist Brian Viveros was recently featured on culture website PROHBTD.  The online magazine interviewed Viveros discussing Dirtyland, his projects outside of painting, and the ‘cigarette’. If you’re a fan of Viveros make sure to pick up his book, “The Dirtyland” on the Thinkspace website.

Check out the full article, Brian Viveros’ Idea of Girl Power Will Kick your Ass! on PROHBTD.com