POW! WOW! Long Beach : The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow

pow wow hawaii

Documenting the adventures of Nychos as he traverses the world and painting every corner of it. Within the last two years Nychos was accompanied by filmmaker Christian Fischer who recorded his journeys to create a full length film. “The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow” is a documentary about art, lifestyle and subculture. The movie captures the experiences of Nychos and other members of the RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT within the last several years. Exceeding the Austrian scene, they flew from Berlin to San Francisco to Copenhagen to Hawaii and many more places to visit artists who all provide a unique view into their (street) culture. They lead Nychos through the streets of their home cities and show them the deepest depths of their burrows. ”Travel to paint, paint to travel” is the motto, which runs like a golden thread throughout the entire movie.

After the screening of “The Deepest Depths of the Burrow”, we will host a special 1-2-1 talk between Jeff Staple and Nychos.

As of this very moment tickets are still available, so get them now before you miss out!

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