KAWS @ Royal/T (VIP opening)…

As art fans entered Royal/T this eve to check out the special curated exhibit from KAWS, they were greated by an 8′ tall pink Chum figure… what a way to set things off from the get go!
Title wall @ Royal/T

When we arrived at 8:30PM, the place was already packed and filling up more by the minute…

Worlds collide (l-r): James Jean, man of the hour KAWS, and Gary Baseman
KAWS‘ “I Can’t Feel My Face” (the show’s namesake) alongside Fred Wilson‘s “Drip Drop Plop” (with KAWS‘ 8’ Pink Chum looming in the far distance)…
Hideaki Kawashima “Bubble”

Lisa Yuskavage “Grooming”

Seth Carmichael (Carmichael Gallery) & KAWS uber collector Ronnie Pirovino (The Art Collectors blog/forum) alongside collectors John Lisenbery and Robert Moore

Mark Dean Veca with collector and Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn

Richard Prince “Nurse Dormitory #3”

Front to back, it was a mob scene… it seemed that everyone in the LA scene was out. Artists were out in droves to show their respect to KAWS… spotted were Gary Baseman, James Jean, Tim Biskup, Yoskay Yamamoto, Nate Frizzell, Mark Dean Veca, Todd James (aka Reas), Tessar Lo, Edwin Ushiro, & many more, not to mention several key members of the LA art world.

(l-r) Nate Frizzell, Christine Le Basse & Beau Basse (Le Basse Projects), Jack from Vinyl Pulse, and Shawn Hosner (Thinkspace Gallery)
Mr. “Yoko Natsu Chan” (one of 10 heads in an installation)

KAWS singing one of his ‘Warm Regards Bars’…

Show card alongside my sketchbook complete with a sick KAWS Blitz Bomb drawing and a nice tag from Todd James (aka Reas)

Check out a lil’ video tour of the ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ curated exhibit by KAWS that’s currently on view now at Royal/T in Culver City.

Be sure to swing by tomorrow afternoon to Royal/T, before heading out to KAWS‘ solo at Honor Fraser. It’s gonna be a mad house guaranteed, so get there early.

‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ will be on view at Royal/T through September 7th, so be sure to check it out as KAWS did a great job picking some beautfiul works from Susan Hancock‘s stunning collection for this special curation. The exhibit featues works from Olaf Breuning, Carol Dunham, Andre Eithier, Mr., Yoshitomo Nara, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, Richard Prince, William Sasnal, David Shrigley, Jim Torok and Yan Pei-Ming.

Look for coverage from the KAWS solo at Honor Fraser here tomorrow, along with many of the other big openings that will be keeping LA art lovers busy this Saturday.