Interview with ADOR for ‘Familiar Yet Foreign’ | Exhibition June 1 – June 22, 2023

Thinkspace is excited to present ADOR ‘Familiar Yet Foreign‘ in Gallery I. His sophomore solo show with the gallery is about a big story where both animals and humans are treated in the same way, but each time the aim is to tell a story where the spectator is invited to imagine by his own, how the protagonists must feel in each situation. Bringing together a unique mix of inspirations from various fairy tales, comics book, caricature art, and the works of other great painters, Ador tries to use a childish way to talk to all of us – who like him – would have been a kid who never wants to grows up. The works talk about actuality, responsibility and the dream state we all often escape to. ‘Familiar Yet Foreign‘ opens Saturday June 1, 2024 from 6pm-10pm.

Our interview with French graffiti artist Ador shares what he enjoys doing on his free time as well as his guilty pleasures, his upcoming projects, and what other medium he would like to re-explore.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you first got involved with Thinkspace Projects?

I draw since I’m four years old and I didn’t stop, except when I did some fooleries. I started painting on walls because I was born at the good moment. In 2000’s, people put colors everywhere in cities of the planet. I naturally wanted to take part in the game.
I did a show with Pez Barcelona in 2021 at Thinkspace, and as it was a nice event and we had good time, the gallery purposed me to make it happen again and I was definitely willing to do it again.

Can you share a story about a piece of art that holds special significance to you?

I use to laugh alone when I find an idea, and after that I use to paint in on a wall as early as possible. For example, one I did last year hid a message. Many people used to enjoy it before they discovered a kind of secret message. Now, I go on.

What are your food recommendations in your home city? Where would you take friends who visit you?

I eat almost everything but the best international stuff is kebabs. Otherwise I’m not a cooker.

What do you enjoy doing on your weekends/free time? Tell us about your guilty pleasure(s).

Draw and paint take a big part of my life. Chill out use to be a thing that I do at the same time with my folks.

I sleep too much, and I hate wasting my time. But I watch silly movies eating junkfood to unplug the brain and I rest as everybody does….

What are you favorite art events or festivals and some lesser-known but must-visit art spots that you recommend?

Being in Los Angeles to have a show and paint walls makes me dream. From L.A to the smallest town close to mine, whatever the popularity it has, the energy is the same when I enjoy an event. Nothing is better when it’s kindly shared with nice people.

2 new murals by Ador at Sherman Gallery.

Can you discuss any upcoming projects in the future that you’re particularly excited about?

As I started with drawing, I came back to the roots working on a kind of comics book now. It would be done at the end of the year . I have few plans for murals and shows later, but if know I will put my hands in color again and again. That makes me alive and happy.

What’s on your bucket list?
I have bucket lists on my phone, on my computer, on my several sketch books, many ones in my studio… My biggest frighten is the void. I fill pages when I can. If I had to describe the most important stuff, it would be ideas that I want to paint or draw.

If you could collaborate with any artists in any sort of medium (i.e. movies, music, painting) who would you collaborate with, and what would you be making?

I tried to do animation movies. I would like to do it again with a qualified team. I don’t really know with who, I fortuitously collaborate with many people, and sometimes it fit very well without expectation.

Who would be on the guest list if you could throw a dinner party for five people, dead or alive? What would be on the menu? What would be the icebreaker question?

I would love to share a meal, not only a kebab but a really good long meal with Tommy Ungerer, Jerome Bosch, Shaquille O’neal, Buster Keaton and Francis Bacon.
The icebreaker question would be : Do you believe in yourself from the morning to the night?

Instagram: @ador_2049