Audrey Kawasaki’s 1st solo in Japan draws near…

Audrey Kawasaki @ Space Yui – May 9th

Space Yui

Tokyo, Japan

We first posted about this special show here back in late March. Audrey has recently updated her blog with a new image of works in progress (above). She continues to excel and the new works are just beautiful. Very much looking forward to seeing all the works in the show, as I’m sure many of you are as well. Soon as we see more, we’ll be sure to post here to share.

Audrey Kawasaki prepares for 1st solo in Japan…

Audrey Kawasaki is preparing for her debut solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan at Space Yui. It will be a small show with about 10 paintings and drawings. The show will be on view from 5/07 to 5/16.

Watch Audrey’s live journal for all the latest here.