Michael Reeder “No Dice” Special Edition

Excited to share full details on our “No Dice” unique variant edition with Michael Reeder.

This special unique variant edition is a thing of beauty and has been in the planning and development stages for well over a year as we worked out all the best ways to present this incredible idea for his loyal fans. Inspired by the Colorforms series that’s been popular with children for over 60 years now, we wanted to create a work with Reeder that his fans could change on a regular basis for their viewing pleasure.

‘No Dice’ features two solid steel plates at its core. The base steel plate is custom painted by Reeder (each piece is a unique variant / no two are alike) and the other steel plate has been laser cut and custom painted by the team at Fine Art Solutions.

Each edition comes with a collection of nine screen-printed, laser-cut custom shapes thanks to the teams at Serio Press and POV Evolving. Each laser-cut piece has a custom-shaped magnet on the back, allowing for numerous configurations and viewing options for your ‘No Dice’ work.

Each variant is housed in a custom-painted walnut frame that holds the steel layers together with a perfect fit and arrives ready to hang with a hand-made French cleat from the team at Fine Art Solutions. The paint scheme of each custom walnut frame matches up with the second painted cutout layer, making for a finished and polished look just like Reeder’s gallery works.

This edition is deluxe in every sense of the word, and each work will come housed in a wooden crate with all parts custom fit into laser-cut foam enclosures to ensure a safe arrival to your home, along with white gloves for handling and installation.

Photographs are shared below of each colorway plus examples of some of the many possible configurations.

No Dice
– Acrylic and aerosol on steel and walnut with screen printing on MDF
– Edition of 25 unique variants / Five different colorways of five each
– Within each colorway, each will be numbered 1 through 5.
– Colorways: Blue | Yellow | Green | Pink | White + Grey (AP edition)
– Each set comes with 9 magnetic backed laser cut pieces for unlimited display possibilities
– Overall Framed Dimensions: 25.5 x 32 x 31.5 inches / 66 x 81.2 x 7.6 cm
– $5,500 each


Special Hand-Embellished Edition with Brian M. Viveros dropping November 2

We’re excited to announce a very special edition with BRIAN M. VIVEROS (b. 1974 USA), his first edition to be offered in over a year. 

“Undead” is a deluxe edition of 20 hand-embellished prints, each framed in a custom-made walnut frame with laser engraved design elements created by Viveros. This is the nicest edition we’ve ever published from the artist and we are thrilled to make this available.

Each print has been completely redone and hand embellished by Viveros using color pencils, gold paint, and airbrush on each print. Building them up & layering, taking each print to next level with added flesh tones, highlights throughout the eyes & lips + added blood to the fingers along with details added to the eyes + metallic golds and gold paint added to her crown of thorns and in her hair. Each work is truly a unique piece now, with so much embellishing done by the artist to each piece.

If all that wasn’t enough, Viveros is also going to include an original work on paper (8 x 10 inches  / 20.3 x 25.4 cm) featuring his iconic Day of the Dead muerte imagery as an added bonus.

“I spent a lot of time hand embellishing each one of these beautifully deckled prints making each one very unique and one of a kind. I didn’t want to just make a few marks and say this is hand-embellished but really putting the time and details into each one Seeing that there’s only 20 in this edition, I felt why not really make this launch special and release it on a special day’ Dia de los Muertos’, also the day I was born. This is the first print edition I’ve done in over a year so I’m making it a good one. I’ve created 20 brand new, highly detailed drawings of my iconic ‘Viva la Muerte’ character, created with many mediums. Not just a doodle or quick sketch, but something meaningful for each of you that purchase to go with this beautiful engraved edition. Each original is different no two are a like created as it’s own piece.” – BRIAN M. VIVEROS

‘Undead’Edition of 20
Print Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches / 45.7 x 60.9 cm
Framed Dimensions: 21.5 x 27.75 inches / 54.6 x 70.5 cm
Each print has been extensively hand-embellished by the artist
Laser engraved, custom hand-made walnut frame
Bonus work on paper included with each edition
Signed and numbered by Viveros

Please note that shipping charges will range from $250 to $450, based on where you live in the world.

Due to shipping limitations in certain countries, we are NOT able to sell to the following areas:
Australia / New Zealand + Africa + all of South America

Available on Tuesday, November 2 at 10am Los Angeles / 1pm New York City via our web shop.


Esao Andrews “Poisonous Birds” Book Release

Now available through Thinkspace Projects online shop, Esao Andrews’s “Poisonous Birds” a collection of paintings from 2001 – 2018.

Published by Thinkspace Editions in conjunction with “Petrichor” on view through August 4 at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, Arizona.

An artist monograph cataloging the works of artist Esao Andrews from 2001 to 2018. 296 full-color pages bound with a linen hardcover. And forwarded by Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace) and an essay by Marieke Treilhard (arts and culture writer).

Standard Edition |$45
296 pages
9×12 inches (22.8×30 cm)
Debossed linen hardcover
1,500 copies

Deluxe Edition | $200
Limited to 300 numbered copies
Housed in a custom debossed linen slipcase
Includes a signed & numbered 8×8 inch (20.3×20.3 cm) print on Canson Aquarella 310gsm paper

PLEASE NOTE:All orders will start to ship on Tuesday, June 18. Our hopes are to have all books arrive to their new homes by the end of June. We will be sure to share tracking details once your package is on the way. If you have any questions once June 18 has passed, please direct them to shop@thinkspaceprojects.com. Please do not check in prior to the end of June, as we will have NO updates prior to that. Thank you for understanding and for your support.