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Spectrum Fantastic Art Awards – Sour Harvest

Congratulations to Tran Nguyen on her Spectrum Award Win!

Tran Nguyen Distressed Damsal

‘A Distressed Damsel’ by Tran Nguyen

Congrats to Thinkspace family member Tran Nguyen on her recent win at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Awards in Kansas City, Missouri on May 23rd.

The work ‘A Distressed Damsel’ (as seen above) earned Tran yet another gold award.

There is significance in both being nominated and in winning a Spectrum award. It serves as a recognition of achievement that is made even more significant when it comes from a jury of their peers.

This award winning piece from Tran is still available through Thinkpace Gallery. All of our currently available work from Tran can be viewed on our website.

Learn more about Spectrum at http://spectrumfantasticart.com

Tran speaking at Spectrum

Tran with Spectrum award