Spenser Little Installations for Vitality & Verve III: Transforming the Urban Landscape

Spenser Little is a self-taught artist who has been bending wire for the last 15 years, allowing his creativity to morph into images that range from simple wordplay to complex portraits. He has related his wire work to a mixture of playing chess and illustration, as the problem-solving component of the work is what continues to inspire himself to create larger and more complex pieces. Some works contain moving components and multiple wires, but mostly the pieces are formed from one continuous piece of wire that is bent and molded to Little’s will. He has left the wire sculptures all over the world, in locations that range from the Eiffel Tower to bottom of caves, their location selected with little discernment only for the piece to be finally realized at the moment that someone discovers the surprise piece of art.

Click through Spenser Little’s installations for Vitality & Verve III: Transforming the Urban Landscape at the Long Beach Museum of Art opening this weekend.

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“Vitality and Verve III” is the third iteration of the collaborative series curated by Thinkspace Projects with the support of POW! WOW! Long Beach for the Long Beach Museum of Art, and will be featuring ephemeral murals and installations from Bordalo II, CASE, Evoca, Sergio Garcia, Herakut, Hush,
Jaune, Leon Keer, Koz Dos, Spenser Little, Fintan Magee, Dennis McNett, Drew Merritt, Michael Reeder, RISK, SEEN, Amy Sol, Super A, Juan Travieso, Dan Witz and Lauren YS

The Long Beach Museum of Art presents:
Curated by Thinkspace with support from POW! WOW! Long Beach

On View June 30, 2018 thru September 9, 2018 at:

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA. 90803

Spenser Little Brings His Wire Magic to Honolulu for POW! WOW! HAWAII

To say Spenser Little made some new fans this past week would be a vast understatement. This magician of wire and so many other mediums has finally had the international spotlight shined on him and we could not be more excited for him. He never stopped while in Honolulu for POW! WOW! Hawai’i and put up work all over the island and left smiles on faces wherever he went. We got him added on to the festival at the 11th hour and he could not have been a better fit to the aloha lifestyle of POW! WOW!

Trust us, his incomparable wit drenched wire work is just the tip of his creative iceberg. Get ready for loads of goodness ahead from this gentle giant. All hail Mongo, his time has come!

All photos and videos courtesy Andrew Hosner / Thinkspace

Thinkspace is honored to have been a sponsor of this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii alongside Hawaii Tourism Authority, Montana CansHawaiian Airlines, Modern Honolulu, 47 brandsCity MillMonster EnergyOlukaiBank of Hawaii, and 1xRun.