‘Asian Influence’ coming up July 6, 2024 in Amsterdam at STRAAT

STRAAT present:

Curated by Thinkspace Projects

On view July 6 through September 15, 2024 in the Netherlands

NDSM Plein 1
1033WC Amsterdam

STRAAT and Thinkspace Projects are excited to present a third collaborative gallery exhibition, ‘ASIAN INFLUENCE,’ an exhibition celebrating Southeast and East Asian artists’ impact on global street art culture.

This exhibition will be on view in the STRAAT Gallery from Sunday, July 7th through Sunday, September 15th, with a special opening reception on Saturday, July 6th from 6-10pm. The exhibition is included with any regular admission ticket to STRAAT Museum.

The gallery exhibition features new work from three artists: Mark Jeffrey Santos (aka Mr. S), Ryo ‘Ryol’ Laksamana, and Alex Face.

To complement the works from these featured artists, STRAAT will also showcase a group show put together by Thinkspace Projects with new works from more than 30 contemporary Southeast and East Asian artists. Visitors should expect a mix of vibrant street art culture and contemporary art perspectives.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 6th from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The opening reception is free to the public with RSVP to gallery@straatmuseum.com

All three of the focus artists will be in attendance.

Live Painting Events:
Indonesian artist Ryol (@ryol.id) and Filipino artist Mr. S (@mister_sasquatch) will be live-painting new mural-scale creations for STRAAT’s permanent main hall collection during museum hours in the week leading up to the exhibition opening.

Alex Face (@alexfacebkk) from Thailand, who already has a giant canvas at STRAAT, will be creating a new public mural on the large exit doors of the museum. Keep an eye out!

Mr. S (1990, Philippines) @mister_sasquatch

Mark Jeffrey Santos transports viewers to a fantasy realm through his engaging works. His pieces frequently depict characters embarking on adventures with colossal creatures, showcasing his world-building and character design prowess. A fixture in art exhibitions since 2015, Santos has gained an online and offline following, earning the moniker “Mister S” or “Mister Sasquatch” within street art circles. His work has graced exhibitions globally, from Taiwan to the UK, highlighting his expanding international presence.

Ryo Laksamana (1993, Indonesia) @ryol.id 

Hailing from Banyuwangi in East Java, Laksamana Ryo aka RYOL is an artist whose journey began during his academic years at the Seni Indonesia Institute in Yogyakarta. RYOL’s paintings exude a vibrant and captivating quality, infused with pop culture influences and a style that evokes the charm of the cartoon universe. Yet, beneath this playful exterior lies a depth of subject matter. Ryo deftly navigates themes like social criticism, human behavior, and intricate relationships.

Alex Face (1981, Thailand) @alexfacebkk

Patcharapon Tangruen, aka Alex Face, is a celebrated graffiti artist from Thailand who originally studied fine arts at Bangkok’s King Mongkut Institute of Technology. Intrigued by abandoned structures, he turned streets and alleys into his canvas. Operating under the name Alex Face, he aims to engage urban communities, especially in underprivileged areas. His iconic character, a disillusioned child in a rabbit costume, juxtaposes cuteness with a wise, concerned demeanor about the world’s future.

Alongside the main 3-person show, we have also curated a group show of smaller works from a cast of emerging artists from across Asia, including works from:
Abenk Alter | @abenkalter Indonesia
Riki Antoni | @rikiantoni77 Indonesian
Blic | @blicpinas Phillipines
Bluepalete | @bluepalete Thailand
Kim Borja | @art.kimborja Phillipines
Cham Cristobal | @chamemoii Phillipines
Darbotz | @darbotz Indonesia
Addy Debil | @addydebil Indonesia
Kratai Dudu | @kratai_dudu Thailand
Decki Leos Firmansah | @decki_leos_firmansah Indonesia
Shinnosuke Hariya | @shinnosuke_hariya Japan
Humbly | @humbly.ph Phillipines
Krachok | @kra_chok Thailand
Hanna Lee Joshi | @hannaleejoshi South Korea
Don Bosco Laskar | @donboscolaskar Indonesia
Huntz Liu | @huntzhuntz Taiwan
Pony Ma | @ponyhorsema Taiwan
Valdo Manullang | @nimrod_studio Indonesia
Mr. Kreme | @mrkreme Thailand
Manow Nowhere | @manow_nowhere Thailand
Buakow Phasom | @buakow_phasom Thailand
Heru Priyono | @heru_priyono_art Indonesia
Lee Salvador | @lee.salvador Phillipines
Fandi Angga Saputra | @fandianggasaputra Indonesia
Guy Satayuu | @guy_satayuu Thailand
Marilou Solano | @mayuenaise Thailand
Cy Wang | @cy_wang_art Taiwan
Liffi Wongso | @liffi_wongso Indonesia
Cheong Yoon | @cheong_yoon South Korea

On view July 7 – September 15, 2024

NDSM Plein 1
1033 WC Amsterdam

‘LAX x AMS’ Thinkspace x STRAAT Group Show Opening in Amsterdam | June 17, 2023

We’re excited to share details on our next group show with our friends at the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam.

‘LAX / AMS’ is an international artistic convergence at STRAAT | curated by Thinkspace Projects

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 17 from 7:30 to 11pm

NDSM-Pleiin 1
1033 WC Amsterdam

This dynamic group show brings together 83 artists from 20 countries spanning the globe, showcasing a diverse range of artistic backgrounds and career stages.

As a special highlight, participating artists Super A and Collin van der Sluijs will create stunning mural-scale works to be added to the ever-evolving STRAAT main hall collection during the week leading up to the grand opening.

Featuring new work from:
Kathy Ager
Antonio Ainscough
Aof Smith
Julian Adon Alexander
Langston Allston
Jordi Alos
Fajar Amali
Philip Bosmans
Ezra Brown
Carl Cashman
Ikechukwu A. Christian
Preston Daniels
Leo Eguiarte
Sofia Enriquez
Jordan Ferguson
Priscilla S. Flores
Jacub Gagnon
Genavee Gomez
Daniela Garcia Hamilton
Ha Haengeun
Hendra “HeHe” Harsono
Anjastama Hp
Cody Jimenez
Haylie Jimenez
Sydnie Jimenez
Oscar Joyo
Ozzie Juarez
David Kaye
Scott Listfield
Huntz Liu
Dan Lydersen
Sean Mahan
Al Marcano
Marie Claude Marquis
Danny Martinez (aka Van Dam One)
Steve Martinez
Jay McKay
b. Robert Moore
Vanessa Morata
Kristy Moreno
Jesse Morsberger
Mr. B Baby
Baby Mueller
Janina Myronova
Bell Nakai
Arnon “Cheese” Neiysoongnoen
Guillaume Ollivier
Chaz Outing
Perez Bros
Michael Polakowski
Gustavo Rimada
Mia Scarpa
Byun Sehee
Jeremy Shockley
Jack Shure
Collin van der Sluijs
Anthony Solano
Super A
Floyd Strickland
Rain Szeto
Yuta Tamura
Melly Trochez
Jocelyn Tsaih
Daisy Velasco
Wiley Wallace
Casey Weldon
Brad Woodfin
Manuel Zamudio
Zeye Oner

On view June 17 – July 30, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands