Inside the Studio of Reen Barrera for upcoming exhibition ‘Cluster Fudge’

Inside the studio of Reen Barrera for his upcoming exhibition ‘Cluster Fudge

What is the inspiration behind this latest body of work? What themes or techniques were you exploring?

The title of the show is ‘Cluster Fudge’, in my definition it is a situation of surprisingly having things done, despite the amount of hardships that we are facing right now in this pandemic, to overcome and survive our daily battles within ourselves and outside. In this collection of work I try to show a glimpse of my daily experiences and thoughts throughout this times.

Read the full interview with Reen Barrera here.

Video by Birdman Photography


We’re anxiously awaiting Michael Reeder’s mOMENt opening April 7th, and the peaks into his studio via social media are only building the excitement. 

Hi-Fructose visit the studio of Allison Sommers

“Inspired by historical wars including WWI & the American Civil war, Brooklyn based artist Allison Sommers will be presenting her newest body of work, ‘Potter’s Field’ at L.A’s Thinkspace Gallery on January 7th. Featuring her signature style of miniature scale paintings composed of gouache on paper, the clusters of creatures, either employed as soldiers, beasts or nurses amongst others are engaged in action in darkened, war torn landscape. Illuminating the scale and inventiveness of Sommers who will also be showing one of the largest pieces she’s created to date, several of the smallest works are housed with antique matchboxes.” – Hi-Fructose

Check out the full studio visit with Allison here:

Allison Sommers “Potter’s Field”

Reception with the artist:
Sat, Jan. 7th 5-8PM

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /