Thais Beltrame’s "When All The Stars Are Gone" tonight @ Carmichael…

‘When All The Stars Are Gone’ is a poetic glimpse of the world as perceived by Thais Beltrame in her 1st US solo show. Looking to the skies as inspiration, the artist reflects upon solitude, beauty, and the transient nature of being.

Shot of Thais working away on her constellation install… one lil’ paint pen dot at a time…
“Supposedly all the stars we see today have been dead millions of years,” she muses. “Perhaps this is why human beings feel so alone: we live beneath a sky which no longer exists.” – Thais

In this newest body of work, Thais’ trademark wistful children are changing, growing stronger, wiser, and more aware of their surroundings. From this growth emerge new fears and dilemmas, however, as observed in the artist’s shift from negative space to a brooding application of earthy watercolors. Such depth enhances the delicate innocence that gives Thais’ work its extraordinary power.

Close up of Thais’ endless hours of creating her own lil’ solor system within the gallery…
Thais Beltrame was born and lives in Sao Paulo. The largely self-taught artist grew up amongst a generation of Brazilian counter-culture in the 80s and 90s. Highly regarded for her subtle, distinctive style, she is the sole female member of the powerhouse Brazilian art collective, the Famiglia Baglione. Thais has exhibited her work in the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil.
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7th 7-10PM
Also opening in the rear gallery:
“GET RICH QUICK!!” – a selection of aftermarket work from varioius collectors around the world – just an epic display of work… that, and over 20 new works from Thais… don’t miss it. Heading out there right now myself… can’t wait!
1257 N. La Brea Avenue in W. Hollywood
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