KMNDZ visits The Date Farmers’ studio…

KMNDZ recently made the trip out to the other side of the moon, aka Indio, to visit the studio of The Date Farmers. He posted a nice recap of the adventure on his newly overhauled site here.

The Date Farmers are some of our favorites, and we’ve a number of works from them in our collection. We can’t talk highly enough of their unique mix of colors, letterforms, found objects, and collage and how they fuse so effortlessly and harmoniously side by side in their art. Check out more of their work on Johnny’s site and watch for a show from the Farmers at the Shooting Gallery with Albert Reyes soon.
Look for more from KMNDZ in the upcoming ‘Draw’ exhibit opening up in SF at Shooting Gallery this month as well as a special show out at the Date Farmers’ studio later this month… I hope to be making the trek out for that with the man himself. I have to see the goodness first hand, as the pictures look simply amazing. Love me some Date Farmers!
Be sure to keep on eye on Johnny’s new blog based site as he’ll be doing some more studio visits soon with artists he collects and admires.