Luke Chueh "From Light Cometh Darkness" opens at Corey Helford Gallery…

Luke Chueh opened up his latest solo show, ‘From Light Comes Darkness’, tonight in Culver City at the Corey Helford Gallery and delivered big time with 21 new paintings, including some of his strongest work to date in my opinion. The above gem, “(Gummi) Bear In Mind” was one of my favorites from the show…
Opening night crowd shot from the loft…

Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devours His Son” (re-mixed by Luke)
This one had many talking, and for good reason. Can’t wait for him to further branch out and explore new ground with his upcoming Gallery 1988 show this fall, said to be focused around ‘Dante’s Inferno’. Can’t wait to see that come to life.

“Honey Comber”

(L-R) Jan from Corey Helford, Jensen from Gallery 1988, Shawn from Thinkspace upstairs in front of an Eric Joyner painting… and not a Thomas Han painting… as sadly there were no ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ from Thomas Han anywhere to be seen. He was a no show yet again, more or less writing his own obituary with galleries… and it was set up so sweet. He could have killed it here, then rocked the custom show coming up at Munky King built around his ‘pusher’ figure and rounded things out by making an appearance alongside Todd Schorr in some press shots at Todd’s big solo next week at Merry Karnowsky (since Schorr owns one of Han’s major works from his debut solo)… a perfect 1,2,3 comeback. Alas… we still love his work, just sad there’s no new work for others to enjoy.


“My Ball & Chain” – one of the most clever pieces he’s done to date.

The show piece… “Whitewash” – 36×48″ – $12,500 – SOLD. Damn. Go Luke!!!

“Sushie Series: Handroll + Sashimi”

These should have been sold as a dipdych… great pieces.

Richard Scarry from Corey Helford and the man of the hour himself

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.287.2340
‘From Light Cometh Darkness’ featuring new works from Luke Chueh
(On view through April 10th)

If I were a betting man…

While all are focusing on Luke Chueh‘s great new body of work, the real ‘buzz’ behind the scenes is if Thomas Han is going to actually come through and deliver a new body of work. His last “show” was only a few small pieces, that were accompanied by some prints at Copro/Nason a good bit back, and prior to that he had been MIA for a good year. We love Thomas’ work and own many and hope this is a comeback of sorts for him. He was once at the very forefront of the movement, but he’s just been out of the public eye for too long now. Hoping he comes through, but many are saying the new works are a bit too Miss Van (as seen in the image above)… we’ll leave that up to public opinion, but read more on that here.
Be sure to swing through Corey Helford Gallery this Friday to check out Luke’s new body of work and for a trip up to their loft to see if Mr. Han has indeed come through.