Toner Magazine Scott Listfield

Toner Magazine recently interviewed Thinkspace Family member Scott Listfield who’s most recent exhibition “1984” was on view this past January. The interview explores Listfield’s inspiration and path as a creative person. Visit Toner Magazine for the full interview and a great highlight of Listfield’s body of work over the years.

Creativity without discipline is a nice hobby. Which is fine. Hobbies are coolBut if you want to make a career out of something, or even just get your work out there in the world, you better be ready to get some work done, make some sacrifices. – Scott Listfield for Toner Magazine


Toner Magazine recently interviewed Thinkspace Family artists Alvaro Naddeo.
Naddeo started showing with Thinkspace last year and has received a massive positive response from the community. His thought-provoking work connects with people from all walks of life as they reflect on consumerism, mobility, identity, and more.

Jump over to the Toner Magazine website to read the full interview.

Where do you get your inspiration?

On the aesthetic level, I’m really inspired by everyday marginalized, urban, quotidian objects, and inspired by trying to find an angle or a composition where those uninteresting objects obtain a new and compelling beauty. I’m also fascinated by the natural decay of those elements, observing how everything loses its original color, shape, and texture, how sunlight, heat, rain, humidity wind and time add an organic and particular texture to them.

On a political level, I’m inspired by the opportunity to share my point of view of the world and to connect with people who think alike. Its very interesting to me to use art as an instrument for criticizing the things I see and disagree, like overconsumption, social inequality, programmed obsolescence and the consequence they have over the exploited third world countries, nature and planet as a whole.  – Alvaro Naddeo for Toner Magazine

Alvaro Naddeo’s next solo exhibition with Thinkspace Projects opens June 30th!