Robbie Conal’s ‘No Spitting, No Kidding’ opens this past Sat…

Robbie Conal‘s 25 year retrospective “No Spitting, No Kidding” opened this past Saturday at Track 16 in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica to a huge crowd of adoring fans.

While the name may not jump to mind with all reading this blog, his works are sure to be familiar to many an Angelino, having been on the cover of the LA Weekly numerous times, and popping up around the city around election time every four years. After creating his over-sized images via thick layers of oil, he then gets stacks of lithos made; and proceeds to instructs an army of guerrillas armed with buckets of wheat paste to put his work all over the city, serving up his indictments of a corrupt and broken government with tongue-in-check humor and overtly repulsive visuals, that somehow still manage to bring a smile to your face.

Conal has two books to his credit, has a monthly newspaper column and was getting up on the streets of L.A. long before it was the trendy thing to do.

“No Spitting, No Kidding” is an exhibition that highlights his large-scale political paintings and posters, as well as his new series of oil and photomontage work that chronicle the political media phenomena from recent decades. A very deserving exhibition and a testament to the power of Conal’s work and message.

Check out a recent interview MetroMix did with Conal here:

Some other images from opening night (including the above crowd shot I grabbed – thanks Jack) can be found over at Daily DuJour here:
With the election just around the corner, this is the perfect exhibit to take in this weekend if you missed the opening.