Great new exhibit opening next week at Riverside Art Museum…

The Riverside Art Museum keeps cranking out the quality exhibitions. Opening next Mon, June 22nd is ‘Strips, Scripts and Scapes: Contemporary Comix in Southern California’.
Opening Reception: Sat, June 27th 7 – 9PM

Exhibition runs June 22nd – August 22nd

Since the turn of the century, a heterogeneous cadre of artists has been churning out contemporary comics (often referred to as comix) in their basements, bedrooms or studios to a hungry fan base with an insatiable appetite for their work. Flying below the radar of the general public only familiar with superheroes in long-underwear, this uncategorizable scene of visionary artists have no guidelines to delineate their work beyond their interest in the intersection of contemporary art, storytelling and flirting with comic strip conventions.

Today’s contemporary comix grow from a diverse lineage including but not limited to George Herriman, Will Eisner, Charles Schultz, R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez, Harvey Kurtzman, Art Spiegelman, Harvey Pekar and Gary Panter. As the contemporary art world has tended to focus on increasing inclusion of up-to-the-minute technology, many of these artists still rely on or at least reference the handmade mark-making process. In recent years, much activity has centered in Southern California, with standouts including the Comicon convention in San Diego, Giant Robot magazine and store, Family Store, Hope Gallery, Ooga Booga and numerous one-off events and zines.

Work exhibited in ‘Strips, Scripts, and ‘Scapes’ comes from an umbrella cast of artists influenced by or working in the Southland, but it is by no means comprehensive. It serves as a tasty sampling of printed, hand-drawn and collage comix art, in addition to sculpture and installation work by artists working within the vocabularly of comix.

The exhibition features the work of:
Sammy Harkham, Johnny Ryan, John Pham, Mike Bertino, Travis Millard, Rusty Jordan, Souther Salazar, Brent Harada, Walt Holcombe, Martin Cendreda, Mary Fleener, Taylor McKimens (pictured above), Roberta Gregory, and Megan Whitmarsh.

Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Ave in Riverside
(951) 684-7111

Stoked Mentoring + Upper Playground = a great fundraiser this weekend…

This weekend, May 2nd & 3rd, Upper Playground is hosting Stoked Sessions Los Angeles 2009, an art auction and fundraiser for Stoked Mentoring. Every year Stoked teams up with the best artists in action sports, street and fine art to produce original pieces, with 100% of the sales benefiting Stoked Mentoring. This year, Upper Playground is proud to present Stoked Sessions: “I Love LA” at their flagship Los Angeles location.
Stoked Sessions has invited over 300 artists based on the West Coast to submit original pieces. Artists confirmed for this year include:
Estevan Oriol, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Aaron Winters, Adam Hughes, Mark Sellman, Andy Rosenthal, Anthony Smith, Brandy Flower, Michael Crivello/ Hit + Run, Brian Gray, Casey Wisden, Blurble, Christy Chaloux, Dash Fidel, David Russell Talbott, Enik One, EyeOne, Jesse Spears, Aryo, Griffin Marcus, Cole Gerst, James Dormer Schneider, James Reitano, Jason Maloney, Jimmy Muga, JAO, JW Miller/ Dektown, Mark Dean Veca, Harrison Boyce, Meshel Homola, Sarah Anderson and Luke Fishbeck, Phoenix, Jason Hernandez, Scott Hultgren, Stacie Krajchir, Alex Kopps, The Love Movement, Graham Watson, Annie Madison, JC Argetsinger, Jimmy Pargas, John Munnerlyn, Dave MacDowell, Alex Prager and Tamar Levine.
About Stoked Mentoring:
Stoked Mentoring is a non-profit organization for at-risk youth with the mission of developing Successful Teens with Opportunity, Knowledge, Experience and Determination through the use of action sports, mentoring and coaching.

May 2nd & May 3rd
Upper Playground LA
125 East 6th Street in Downtown LA