Opening night of Rebekah Bogard’s exhibition at the Vincent Price Museum…

Drove out to Monterey Park this evening to the campus of East Los Angeles College to search out the Vincent Price Museum

As we were there to take in Twilight: A Solo Show by Rebekah Bogard. This installation marks the first solo museum showing in California for this Nevada based artist. Twilight runs in conjunction with her show at the Sam Lee Gallery in Chinatown, Flesh + Bone. Both shows really illustrate why Bogard is so highly regarded in the world of sculpture.

Nevada-based artist Rebeka Bogard is a ceramicist who creates immersive environments of colorful, playful – and at times disturbing – scens of imaginary creatures enveloped in abundant flora and fauna. Each one of Bogard’s figures is a handcrafted earthenware object, finished with acrylic, underglazes, and glazes. Her figurative representations may appear endaring at first, yet upon closer inspection we recognize traits that are associated with the human species more than with the animal variety. While as a material ceramics ae often relegated to the applied, or lesser arts, Bogard’s immersive “non-functional” landscapes ground this work in a contemporary domain where issues of sexuality, gender, and role-playing are explored.

Main installation view 1

Main installation view 2

Installation close ups (above & below)

Rebekah Bogard‘s Twilight

On view through April 23rd (free to the public)

East Los Angeles College / 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Monterey Park, CA 91754