Thinkspace 2008 Exhibition schedule / new works posted from latest shows…

We’re happy to announce that the works from our three latest shows are now posted on-line.

NEW PRINTS COMING SOON FROM: Ekundayo and Stella Im Hultberg (details announced soon)…

VIEW WORKS from the current “Unsung” show featuring Karpinski, Feyld, Clarkson & Lavallee here:

Matthew Feyld website:

Timothy Karpinski website:

Kenneth Lavallee website:

Anthony Clarkson website:

VIEW WORKS from the current “Phthalo & Umber” show featuring works from Dennis Brown here:

Dennis “Bagger 43” Brown website:

VIEW WORKS from the Nov. installment of the Triple Threat at SURU here:

Ekundayo website:

Joshua Clay website:

Erik Siador website:

For all the latest on SURU events, be sure to check out:

Coming up on December 7th @ thinkspace:
“Snow Angels” with a featured installation from Stella Im Hultberg and new works from Nouar, Caia Koopman, Angelina Wrona, Kelly Vivanco, Tina Anderson, Jeaneen Carlino, Sophia Pottish, Lilly Piri and Catherine Brooks

+ “Greener Grass” featuring new works from Jesse Hotchkiss in our project room

2008 exhibition schedule:
Jan. 11th – Feb. 1st
Sarah Joncas & Camilla d’Errico
+ Melanie Moore (project room)

Feb. 8th – March 7th
Zach Johnsen / Tony Philippou / Marion Bolognesi
+ Scott Radke and Kevin Titzer (project room)

March 14th – April 4th
KuKula solo show
+ Kelly Haigh and Angelina Wrona (project)

April 11th – May 2nd
Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters
+ Matthew Feyld (project room)

May 9th – June 6th
Caia Koopman / Kelly Vivanco / Lilly Piri
+ Kris Chau (project room)

June 13th – July 4th
Amy Sol solo show
+ Dan-Ah Kim (project room)

July 11th – Aug. 1st
Joshua Clay solo show
+ Erik Siador and Jose “Emroca” Flores (project room)

Aug. 8th – Sept. 5th
Stella Im Hultberg solo show
+ Dennis Hayes IV (project room)

Sept. 12th – Oct. 3rd
Lesley Reppeteaux solo show
+ Zach Johnsen (project room)

Oct. 10th – Oct. 31st
Ekundayo & Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez
+ Jeaneen Carlino (project room)

Nov. 7th – Nov. 29th
Audrey Kawasaki & friends ‘Drawing Show’
+ Timothy Karpinski (project room)

Dec. 5th – Jan. 2nd, 2009
Armsrock & Elbow-toe
+ Jon Todd (project room)

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Ekundayo featured in the new issue of JUXTAPOZ + interviewed on SlamXHype…

Ekundayo featured in the new issue of JUXTAPOZ + interviewed on SlamXHype…

There’s a 2-page ‘Showstopper’ feature in the new issue of JUXTAPOZ (Dec issue – Stephen Powers on the cover) on his debut LA solo show “Interlaced” with a full page pic of his stunning “Too Much Of Anything…” piece. Look for a limited giclee print of that piece to be dropping soon.

Dayo was also interviewed recently on – check it here:

And view pics from the recent opening of the new Triple Threat Series at SURU featuring works from Ekundayo, Joshua Clay and Erik Siador at the below link. Look for more to come from each in ’08 at Thinkspace.

NOV Triple Threat opening pics:

An aritst to watch out for in the coming year…

We’re super excited to be working with MN based artist Cherri Wood. She’s just staring to break into the scene and is in a number of group shows over the coming months with the likes of us, Carmichael Contemporary here in LA and also Gallery 1988 up in SF. She’ll be kicking things off with our API show this January and we’ve already got plans in place through 2010 with her, so please take a moment to check out here work at the below links:



Thanksgiving weekend art show action…

Couple killer shows to check out if you are staying in ol’ LA this Thanksgiving weekend…

Sat, Nov. 24th 7-10PM
BLK/MRKT Gallery
6009 Washington Blvd. In Culver City / 310.837.1989
“Xenoglossy” – new works from Robert Hardgrave
(On view through Dec. 22nd)

Sat, Nov. 24th 9:30PM-2AM
Cannibal Flower Monthly Group Show and Performance
719 Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles / $8 admission ($5 in walking art)
Featured artist Ted Von Heiland along with new works from over 50 contemporary cutting-edge artists plus live musical performances, DJ’s, live painting action and more

Gobble gobble!

Thinkspace announces lineup for upcoming API benefit show…

Artist lineup announced for “Fight For Flight” – a special benefit for the API in honor of National Bird Day – this coming January 4th/5th @ thinkspace

Aiyana Udsen
Alena Hennessy
Allison Sommers
Amanda Marie
Amy Ross
Andrew Hem
Andy Kehoe
Anthony Clarkson
Brandon Dunlap
Brendon Flynn
Bwana Spoons
Caia Koopman
Cherri Wood
Christopher Bettig
Desiree Fessler
Fumi Nakamura
J. Shea #9
Jen Lobo
Jenna Colby
Jennybird Alcantara
Jesse Hotchkiss
Kamala Dolphin Kingsley
Kathleen Lolley
Kelly Haigh
Kelly Vivanco
Kenneth Lavallee
L. Croskey
Leontine May
Lisa Congdon
Lyle Motley
Matt Dangler
Matt Furie
Matthew Feyld
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch
Melissa Contreras
Natalie Wright
Oksana Badrak
P. Williams
Panni Malek
Paul Barnes
Reuben Rude
Robert Bellm
Robert Fayze Pellicer
Susie Ghahremani
Timothy Karpinski
Yuka Yamaguchi

National Bird Day will take place on Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008 and thinkspace will be hosting a special exhibition entitled “Fight For Flight” that will have an opening reception on Fri, January 4th. The opening will be sponsored by Dewars and Grolsch and will take place from 7-11PM. There will be a special motorized installation from P. Williams in our front room and an exhibition in our main gallery featuring over fifty international artists contributing bird inspired works for this special 2-day only exhibition.

We will also be open on Sat, Jan. 5th from noon till 6PM for further viewing of the show and we will have a special coloring contest for kids taking place in our project room during the day that afternoon, to encourage families to come through together and experience this amazing gathering of talent and hopefully walk away with some knowledge gained on our feathered friends and all things cute and furry that the API help to protect and defend.

· Opening Reception: Fri, Jan. 4th, 2008 (show runs through Sat, Jan. 5th – special 2-day only event)
· Show will benefit: and help to spread the word on National Bird Day (Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008)
· 20% of all sales will go to the API and we will also have an API booth on hand in our back project room accepting further donations from our patrons during National Bird Day weekend.

Thinkspace Gallery
4210 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Thur-Sun 1-6PM or by appointment