Photo Tour of ‘Unity’ at Volery Gallery | June 9, 2022 – July 2, 2022

Our co-curated exhibition ‘Unity’ has had an incredible showing at Volery Gallery this past month. The show featured talented artists from around the globe that aligned with the exhibition statement around ‘Unity.’ We’re thankful for those who could attend the exhibition and see these works in person.

Exhibition Statement:

The times we are living in, now more so than ever, have shown us that we need to come together as one. That all our actions impact each other. That looking out for number one, is not the way that things are going to get fixed. The world must unite and work together to heal itself or there will be no coming back from the brink we collectively find ourselves at.

Our global creative community, united, can influence change. We need to be committed to fighting for climate change awareness and bringing further light to the issues facing our food and water supply chains and ocean life. All major issues that if left unchecked, will ultimately affect all life on Earth in negative ways over the next few decades.

Featuring new works embracing this idea from:
Alex Face (b. 1981 Thailand)
Langston Allston (b. 1991 USA)
Esao Andrews (b. 1978 USA)
Reen Barrera (b. 1990 France)
Julio Anaya Cabanding (b. 1987 Spain)
Victoria Cassinova (b. 1993 USA)
Sandra Chevrier (b. 1983 Canada)
Dulk | aka Antonio Segura (b. 1983 Spain)
Giorgiko (b. 1989 USA)
Imon Boy (b. 1992 Spain)
Tosin Kalejaye (b. 1992 Nigeria)
Yasuhito Kawasaki (b. 1983 Japan)
Leon Keer (b. 1980 Netherlands)
Ayobola Kekere-ekun (b. 1993 Nigeria)
Ryo Laksamana | aka RYOL (b. 1993 Indonesia)
Jimbo Lateef (b. 1999 Nigeria)
Young Lee (b. 1983 South Korea)
Scott Listfield (b. 1976 USA)
Kayla Mahaffey (b. 1994 USA)
Kiko Miyares (b. 1977 Spain)
Kristy Moreno (b. 1991 USA)
Ken Nwadiogbu (b. 1994 Nigeria)
Chigozie Obi (b. 1997 Nigeria)
Michael Reeder (b. 1982 USA)
Max Sansing (b. 1981 USA)
Mark Jeffrey Santos (b.1990 Philippines)
Terron Cooper Sorrells (b. 1994 USA)
Super A | aka Stefan Thelen (b. 1981 Netherlands)
Yosuke Ueno (b. 1977 Japan)

About Volery Gallery:
Founded in 2020 by Rom Levy, Volery Gallery promotes artists whose art is best described as the New Contemporary Wave. Established in Dubai, the hub of business in the Middle East and Africa, the gallery features the most prominent international artists. Following the migration patterns, they will fly out from all over the world on a murmuration to the golden aviary, where the gallery offers them an elite location in the heart of the city to share their vision.

Through collaborations with various galleries and curators Volery will run exhibitions over the year and an online journal which aim to offer the Middle East the exposure to the latest happenings in the international contemporary art world. Located in Dubai International Financial Center the gallery is accessible through appointments only.