Inside the studio of Uriginal aka Uri Martinez as he prepares for ‘Sweet Rage’ showing at The Brand Library & Art Center

Inside the studio of Uriginal aka Uri Martinez as he prepares for ‘Sweet Rage’ showing at The Brand Library & Art Center for NEXUS III

Since the beginning of the new millennium, a street art scene in Barcelona, Spain emerged and has quickly become one of the most vibrant in Europe. Among many Spanish urban artists who gained wide recognition and acclaim is Uriginal, a Barcelona-based creative who became known for his pieces inspired by historical masterpieces and popular imagery. He brings to life the famous subjects of iconic paintings by utilizing bright colors and bold lines, along with the use of a kaleidoscope geometric pattern throughout many of his artworks. His pieces grace the walls throughout Barcelona.

Influenced by individualized and distinctive style of the most famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí – especially his multicolored mosaics – Uriginal has developed a unique aesthetics and style that goes from the reinvention of Marvel Comics heroes to Pop Art to the characters of Star Wars, from Spanish painting or flamenco to the Barcelona Graffiti scene. He describes himself as “the son of a matador from high Ampurdán and a florist from the Ramblas of Barcelona” whose dream from childhood has been to become the national “King of paella”.

His characters are tessellated mosaics, seemingly in constant alteration, as if they were appearing or disappearing. The vivid color, humor, and irrepressible creativity, are all part of Uriginal’s alluring visual language.

Virtual Tour of Nexus III at The Brand Library & Art Center

November 7, 2020 – January 6, 2020

The Brand Library & Art Center in collaboration with Thinkspace Projects is pleased to present a virtual tour through Nexus III featuring solo exhibitions from Yosuke Ueno, Perez Bros, Leon Keer, Reen Barrera, Amy Sol, and Uriginal aka Uri Martinez.

Visit for a self-guided virtual tour.

Tour by Birdman

Photo Tour of NEXUS III at The Brand Library & Art Center

The Brand Library & Art Center and Thinkspace Projects are pleased to present Nexus III, showcasing a curated selection of international artists belonging to the New Contemporary Art Movement. This special exhibition will include mini solo shows from Yosuke Ueno, The Perez Bros, Amy Sol, Leon Keer, Reen Barrera and Uriginal (aka Uri Martinez).

Please enjoy a photo tour through the exhibition below.

Interview with Uri Martinez for Nexus III at the Brand Library & Art Center

What was the inspiration behind the body of work that will be showing at the Brand Library & Art Center?

I’m from Hospitalet, a gypsy area on the outside of Barcelona, where a majority of people come from the south of Spain. The music one grows up there with is flamenco. Flamenco comes from pain, but from that pain, we make a party. Life is sad but you can enjoy this and canalize this pain. If u ask a flamenco singer, he would say, the good singing, hurts. I think it’s a way of being in this world. The poetic and romantic: it can kill you but its love; and if it doesn’t kill you, it will make u stronger

Do you have any pre-studio rituals that help you get into a creative flow?

Music, coffee, and a big huge smile are what’s most important, and if it’s in the afternoon, some rum. Sometimes while I’m painting I can hear my family singing and clapping and drinking, and at that moment it’s just magic – like amidst chaos comes order threw creativity.

When you were working on this body of work, what were you listening to in the background? Do you have a different soundtrack for the various stages of the creative process? 

I can listen to any kind of music really. I’ll have to stop painting cause my feet are moving and I’m more into dancing than into paint. I love rap, afro dance, dembow, reggaeton, bachata, cumbia, and any kind really.

What piece challenged you most in this body of work, and why?

Spain went into lockdown and I got closed into my studio with no materials, so I got into more detailed level I never tried. It was a struggle, where I got fuckin bored of myself and I wanted to try new shit. So I began to add more meaning by adding significant surroundings to my portraits. That first piece was the Q — the quarantine, inspired by a Haris Nukem pic.

What do you think will be said about the New Contemporary Art Movement in 100 years?

We were all pricks on the internet but we had fuckin fun mate. I don’t know.

Sometimes I look into the art from the past and lots of times I think it’s pedo, to be honest. and with funny mustaches. 

I’m just a painter. I have no clever words. I grew up selling drugs. I’m drunk most of the time I’m not in my studio, but I’m reaaaaally happy.

For now, the Brand Library and Arts Center are unfortunately not welcoming visitors. This Saturday, November 7 at 1 pm we will go live on our Instagram to tour the show and we will also be sharing a professionally filmed video tour of the exhibitions on our Instagram and Facebook around that same time. A self-guided virtual tour will be shared shortly as well.