VantagePoint Podcast: Kaili Smith

Want to know more about Kaili Smith? The artist behind October’s exhibition, A Utopia Where The Problems Are Not Fixed.

Then check out his episode of VantagePoint,  a monthly podcast hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough and Tom Auto64, via your favorite podcast player or the link below.

“Born in the Netherlands, raised in Australia, and educated in New York City, the diverse backstory of Kaili Smith parallels the diversity of the work he makes.  He first entered the VantagePoint radar a few years ago when his large narrative paintings of urban youth began popping up all over social media.  The work had a strength and confidence about it and brilliantly straddled the space between contemporary and classical painting.  Upon further investigation however, one quickly realizes that painting is just one aspect of this multifaceted and accomplished artist.  At the ripe age of just 25 he has experience in writing and directing films, installation art, oil painting, performance art, graffiti, photography, acting, and documentary films.  The future is bright for Mr. Smith and it was a pleasure to sit down with him for a transcontinental interview coinciding with the opening of his current solo show “A Utopia Where The Problems Art Not Fixed” at Thinkspace Gallery in LA.” – Episode 120