Virtual Tour of Our Latest Exhibitions with Scott Listfield, McKenzie Fisk, and Sean Banister

We’re thrilled to share that our virtual tour through Scott Listfield’s “This Is America,” McKenzie Fisk “Good Luck Don’t Die,” and Sean Banister “A Tourist at Home,” at Thinkspace Projects is now available.

Visit for either a self-guided tour experience or click the play button in the upper left-hand corner

Self-Guided Virtual Tour of Hilda Palfox (Poni) and Kayla Mahaffey

Enjoy our latest exhibitions, Hilda Palafox’s (Poni) “Cuando Baje La Marea” and Kayla Mahaffey’s “Deconstructed,” from the comfort of your home and pajama pants with our self-guided virtual tour

Visit to explore the Thinkspace main room and project room.

View works in detail on the Thinkspace Projects website —

Hilda Palafox’s (Poni) :  “Cuando Baje La Marea” 

Kayla Mahaffey : “Deconstructed

Virtual Opening Reception for Hilda Palafox (aka PONI) and Kayla Mahaffey

Excited to share the new works from Hilda Palafox (aka Poni) and Kayla Mahaffey with you all. Both artists have delivered absolutely incredible new bodies of work.

Online Schedule of Virtual Events:

Saturday, May 2 at 12:00 noon pacific time we will post our professionally shot video tour of both our May exhibitions to our Instagram TV

Saturday, May 2 from 1-2PM pacific time we will go live on our Instagram Stories to tour both exhibitions, have a bit of fun, giveaway some stuff and answer some questions

Sunday, May 3 at 2pm pacific time we will post a full set of photos from both exhibitions to our Facebook and blog

Monday, May 4 at 2PM pacific time we will share a link to our self-guided virtual tour of both exhibitions on all of our social networks

Monday, May 4 at 4PM pacific time we will debut ‘Magic Mondays’ with our close friend @wormtv who will wow us all with his slight of hand magic.

Virtual Walkthrough of Carlos Ramirez’s ‘A Faster Hallelujah’ and Huntz Liu’s ‘Subtraction’

We’re excited to offer you all a virtual walkthrough of our current exhibitions:    

Once you enter either room, navigate around the virtual gallery using your arrow keys. (Further control instructions are visible once you enter.).

The ‘Highlights’ bar at the bottom of your viewing window also provides short cuts to both exhibitions, along with the map of our space in the lower-left corner of your screen. 

 To see a piece up close, click on it on the wall or on the artwork navigation bar at the bottom of the window.  

When viewing a work up close, you can then click the Info Icon in the upper right corner to see more information about the piece (title, medium, etc.). 

Click HERE to view the new works from Carlos Ramirez 

Click HERE to view the new works from Huntz Liu 

Click HERE to view the virtual opening tour for both exhibits 

Click HERE to view our studio visit with Carlos Ramirez

 Click HERE to check out our interview with Carlos Ramirez

 Click HERE to check out our interview with Huntz Liu 

Click HERE to view a selection of installation photographs of both exhibits 

Both exhibitions on view through April 25

Tour developed by Birdman