The 12th Annual ‘Everything But The Kitschen Sync’ group show at La Luz De Jesus opens this eve…

La Luz De Jesus Gallery proudly presents its 12th annual juried group exhibition, ‘Everything But the Kitschen Sync’. This gigantic, no-theme exhibition will feature work from some of the most relevant artists working today. The team over at La Luz has invited commercial illustrators, tattooists, scenic painters, students, and animators to submit work of a more personal nature. The show includes artists who have previously exhibited at La Luz, as well as a large selection of work from a brand new batch of undiscovered, underground talent. This is a wonderful forum to check out the latest art trends and get the first glimpse of tomorrow’s stars. It is also an incredible opportunity for art collectors to peruse more than 150 pieces of juried artwork by over 100 artists all in one viewing, and obtain undiscovered art at recession busting prices.

Ron Adkins, Adam Alanz, Jun Alvarado, David Amoroso, Lea Barozzi, Steve Bartlett, Luke Berliner, Lisa Brawn, Scott G. Brooks, Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Mark Bryan, Christopher Buzelli, Trent Call, Sean Christopher, Melissa Contreras, JAW Cooper, Jeremy Cross, Bryan Cunningham, Glen C. Davies, Skinner Davis, Richard Day, Alex De Leon, Marti Jones, Dixon, Bob Dob, Eben Dodd, Yvette Dudiot, Dave Dziemian, Bruce Eichelberger, Daniel Elson, Patrick Fatica, Barry Fitzgerald, Mary Fleener, Yana Frank, Mark Gleason, Brad Greenwell, Max Grundy, Tamara Guion, Conrad Haberland, Gale Hart, Danny Heller, Scott Holloway, Jack Howe, Bree Hranek, Charlie Immer, Jordin Isip, Jennifer Jelenski, Kristine Kadlec, Ayami Kawashina, Miran Kim, Michael Koehler, Norbert H. Kox, Eunbyul Kwak, Dennis Larkins, Craig Larotunda, Loud-tree, Carl Lozada, Alpha Lubicz, Christopher Lyles, David MacDowell (image pictured above), Dion Macellari, Tim Maclean, Jon Macnair, Chris Madans, Liz Mamorsky, Apricot Mantle, Sara Antoinette Martin, Jeff McMillan, Paul Nagel, Nikki Nash, Hadley Northrop, Richard Oliver, Chase Osbourne, Nathan Ota, Misato Otake, Katerina Perdue, Chris Peters, Brian Poor, Jenn Porreca, Micael Pukac, Donna Thasdao, Pungprechawat, Linda Quakenbush, Bonni Reid, Allison Reimold, Dave Richard, David K. Rose, Samvel Saghatelyan, Patrick Segui, Maria Sena, Rusty Scherell, Kim Scott, Dale Sizer, Sean Stepanoff, Adam Strange, Jared Tharp, Paul Torres, Magda Trzaski, Pol Turgen, Marlana Vassar, Andrew Verhoeckx, Heather Watts, Mel Weiner, Jasmine Worth, Crazy Al, Rubenimichi, and Star27

TONIGHT – Fri, March 6th 8-11PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles
(On view through March 29th)

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