The adventures of Scott Radke’s lil’ flyer

The lil' flyer checking out the Grand Canyon

Scott Radke brought along one of his lil’ flyer sculptures for some fun photo opportunities on his recent trip out to LA for the opening of ‘Burlap‘, his debut solo show opening with us this evening. The results of the lil’ flyers adventures are so much fun!

View the full adventures of Radke’s lil’ flyer here:

Scott and his family will be driving back home to Ohio next week, so look for more adventures to be added to the album in the week ahead with a new lil’ friend they’ll have along for the trip home (along with more shots from the trip out as well).

The lil' flyer meets Kaskaskia, the fire breathing dragon in Vandalia, IL

Scott Radke ‘Burlap’

Reception with the artist: TONIGHT – Sat, June 18th 5-8PM

On view through July 9th

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City /

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