The BBC turns to artist Jon Burgerman for comments on the art of doodling

Artist Jon Burgerman, whose latest body of work ‘Fuzzy Faces’ is currently on view until October 9th, was recently interviewed by the BBC in a piece that explores the creative power of our innate human desire to doodle.

“Doodling can allow thoughts and daydreams to slip through from our subconscious into our hand through the pen, which can surprise us and reveal stuff about us to ourselves”

 “And doodling really celebrates the process. It doesn’t matter so much what the end result is. A lot of doodles are messy and loose and shambolic and that’s okay, because the process of creating it is perhaps more important than the outcome.”

– Jon Burgerman

Read the full article, ‘From Da Vinci to Churchill: What our doodles can mean‘ over on the BBC website here.

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