The Creative Report interview Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen 'A Seed Is A Star', oil on panel 24 x 30 inches, 2009

“At first glance, the work of Michigan born, now San Francisco fine artist Kelly Allen looks like collage but at closer inspection you will find that she is actually a painter. Her pieces are SO detailed that they are often confused for collage when viewed online and even in a gallery setting. At her recent show in San Francisco magnifying glasses were distributed to the audience to see the incredible detail of her work.”

Check out The Creative Report’s full interview with Kelly Allen here:

Check out Kelly’s site for more visual stimulation here:

Also, in case you missed it, be sure to check out her 10-page feature in the new issue of Hi-Fructose (Vol. 19).

Check out a great video below from the good folks at Warholian covering her recent SF show…

Look for Kelly to be featured in our annual Culver City Art Walk Group Show coming up on Sat, June 4th and much more to follow that. More details and sneak peeks from that show to be posted here soon.

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