‘The Dirtyland’ digital preview #2 + a look inside the show coming to life

Brian M. Viveros signing one of the print editions to be released at the opening reception this Sat, Oct. 2nd at Thinkspace

‘The Dirtyland’ is officially coming to life. Brian M. Viveros was with us all day yesterday getting everything just right with his ‘Dirty Troopers’ installation and also signing the prints that will be issued on Sat, Oct. 2nd at 7PM when we open the doors to ‘The Dirtyland’.

Viveros laying in some details to one of his 'Dirty Troopers' with his airbrush
Viveros laying in some final details to the 'Dirty Trooper' installation

The ‘Dirty Trooper’ installation is indeed a thing of beauty. Sculpted by Viveros’ close friend Gustavo Ponce, the ‘Troopers’ are just stunning and the installation also features the debut of Brian’s new short film ‘Tercio de Muerte’ that he shot with his partner in grime Eriijk Ressler.

Brian M. Viveros 'Viva-Rose' - Graphite and airbrush on paper (framed) - 8.5x11"

The gem above is featured in preview #2 from Brian featuring a few new drawings, some older works from his vault, a few 1 of 1 edition prints on wood and canvas and a rare print from ‘The Dirty Show’ in Detroit. We’re opening this one up, so first come, first served on these.

The Dirtyland‘ extras / rarities:

If you see anything, shoot a mail to contact@thinkspacegallery.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Full print details will be posted here tonight and mailed out to those on our mailing list tomorrow morning prior to the opening. As mentioned, they’ll go on sale to those attending the opening on Sat, Oct. 2nd at 7PM. We have a wait list for the prints for those from out of state. Right now the demand is so strong that we don’t see there being enough left after this weekend to have a paypal shop work smoothly (without fear of over selling), so once we post the details please shoot us a mail and we’ll do our best for those not able to attend the opening itself. We can’t make any promises at this point to anyone not able to attend the opening, we apologize for this.

Brian M. Viveros ‘The Dirtyland’ – Sat, Oct. 2nd @ Thinkspace in Culver City, CA

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