The Drawing Room comes to life…

The Drawing Room started to come to life tonight. Audrey is recreating the studio/inspiration area of her home in our front install area for all to take in.

Great first night of install and all really brought their A game to the show. Fun night this eve with a big Italian feast had by all as well as a visit from the folks at Arrested Motion (Marcus Lo seen talking below with Audrey and her boyfriend Brian) as well as a very special visitor…

That visitor being Josh Herman from Artillery magazine done up as ‘Lydia’, one of Audrey’s more popular paintings (see below), to help break the mood a bit as he was swinging through to do a brief interview for his magazine… classic. Definitely lightened the mood to say the least hahaha… Look for an interview with Audrey and an overview on the show in the next issue of Artillery.

For those of you on the waiting list for this show, the preview link will go out late Wednesday night and we’ll begin reaching out to all on Thursday throughout the day (full details will be included in the preview mail itself).

We will also be announcing print details Wed early evening PST here on the blog… stay tuned.

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