"The Drawing Room" opening night… / prints sold out…

Thank you to all that came out and made last night such a huge success for Audrey and all in ‘The Drawing Room’. It was awesome to have 11 of the 24 featured artists and Audrey herself in the house for the opening, as well as Robert Pokorny and Timothy Karpinski (both of whom were showing in our project room).
Audrey sold out before the doors opened (as did many in her curated group show) and once the doors did open, her two special limited edition giclee prints that were created for the exhibition quickly followed suit and were sold out by 10PM – 400 prints in 4 hours, it was a whirlwind in our office to say the least. We’ve already seen some up on eBay, really saddens Audrey when this happens… You think people could come up with a better way to make money than flipping limited edition prints and toys. Pathetic low lifes.
We’ll be posting a slew of opening night shots later tonight, but our good friends over at Arrested Motion have already posted up a nice set (including the shot taken above) – check out the following link for many more shots from the opening night: http://arrestedmotion.com/2008/11/openings-the-drawing-room-thinkspace/#more-3623
The line to view the works and purchase prints went around the block all night long. What a night!!! The LA art world was out in force as well with many big names rolling through to check out the show and pay their respects to Audrey.
There are still some amazing pieces on hand from those Audrey curated, so be sure to check our site. She really did an amazing job curating this show and all that attended seemed to really enjoy the works on view. Look for more soon…

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