The Giant Peach visits thinkspace… check out Tiffany Owenby’s new works…

The killer new website/webshop/info portal recently paid us a visit here at Thinkspace and we just wanted to mention that to you all, as we really dig the site/shop and what they’ve got cooking over there. You may have noticed their cool ads in the past few issues of Juxtapoz.

View their visit to our gallery at the news archive link below, just scroll down to ‘December 6th’ and you can check it out:

They took a special liking to a new artist we were debuting in our back room by the name of Tiffany Owenby. Tiffany is a paper mache sculpture artist living in NC. I came across her work in NYC last year when I went to the gift shop for the Folk Art Museum there next to MOMA. This year I visited again, to find more new works, and decided to add a piece to our collection and got in touch with her upon my return to LA.

We’ll be posting some great new works from Tiffany in our ‘available works’ section later this week. Until then, check out more on here at her site:

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