The Hundreds’ ‘Garfield’ show opens this Thursday in Santa Monica

Mark Dean Veca and his contribution for this week's Garfield show at The Hundreds

A show that’s causing a good bit of discussion (both positive and negative) on the ol’ internet is the upcoming ‘Garfield’ show being put together by the fine folks over at The Hundreds. There are definitely some names on board one would never associate with a theme show, and I for one am super intrigued to check out the show for that very reason. I think it’s the inner kid in me more than anything, as I just loved Garfield when I was a kid and cats simply rule in general. There are some obvious slam dunk inclusions (including the amazing piece from Veca shown above), but also some others like McGee and Kinsey one would just never expect to see in a lineup like this.

Be sure to hit up to be safe.

Featuring original Garfield inspired art from the likes of:
Barry McGee, Usugrow, Mark Dean Veca, Dave Kinsey, Phil Lumbang, Claw Money, Buff Monster, Travis Louie, Deph, Alex Pardee, Insa, Slick, Rime, Tofer Chin, Nate Frizzell, Bigfoot, Saelee Oh, The Cobra Snake, and more

Plus a special signing by the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis

Thus, Dec. 9th 8-10PM
The Hundreds
416 Broadway in Santa Monica

*Pic courtesy of The Hundreds

One thought on “The Hundreds’ ‘Garfield’ show opens this Thursday in Santa Monica”

  1. only interested in mcgee and bigfoot…most of rest i don’t know who the heck they are…lol

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