Thinkspace 2008 Exhibition schedule / new works posted from latest shows…

We’re happy to announce that the works from our three latest shows are now posted on-line.

NEW PRINTS COMING SOON FROM: Ekundayo and Stella Im Hultberg (details announced soon)…

VIEW WORKS from the current “Unsung” show featuring Karpinski, Feyld, Clarkson & Lavallee here:

Matthew Feyld website:

Timothy Karpinski website:

Kenneth Lavallee website:

Anthony Clarkson website:

VIEW WORKS from the current “Phthalo & Umber” show featuring works from Dennis Brown here:

Dennis “Bagger 43” Brown website:

VIEW WORKS from the Nov. installment of the Triple Threat at SURU here:

Ekundayo website:

Joshua Clay website:

Erik Siador website:

For all the latest on SURU events, be sure to check out:

Coming up on December 7th @ thinkspace:
“Snow Angels” with a featured installation from Stella Im Hultberg and new works from Nouar, Caia Koopman, Angelina Wrona, Kelly Vivanco, Tina Anderson, Jeaneen Carlino, Sophia Pottish, Lilly Piri and Catherine Brooks

+ “Greener Grass” featuring new works from Jesse Hotchkiss in our project room

2008 exhibition schedule:
Jan. 11th – Feb. 1st
Sarah Joncas & Camilla d’Errico
+ Melanie Moore (project room)

Feb. 8th – March 7th
Zach Johnsen / Tony Philippou / Marion Bolognesi
+ Scott Radke and Kevin Titzer (project room)

March 14th – April 4th
KuKula solo show
+ Kelly Haigh and Angelina Wrona (project)

April 11th – May 2nd
Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters
+ Matthew Feyld (project room)

May 9th – June 6th
Caia Koopman / Kelly Vivanco / Lilly Piri
+ Kris Chau (project room)

June 13th – July 4th
Amy Sol solo show
+ Dan-Ah Kim (project room)

July 11th – Aug. 1st
Joshua Clay solo show
+ Erik Siador and Jose “Emroca” Flores (project room)

Aug. 8th – Sept. 5th
Stella Im Hultberg solo show
+ Dennis Hayes IV (project room)

Sept. 12th – Oct. 3rd
Lesley Reppeteaux solo show
+ Zach Johnsen (project room)

Oct. 10th – Oct. 31st
Ekundayo & Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez
+ Jeaneen Carlino (project room)

Nov. 7th – Nov. 29th
Audrey Kawasaki & friends ‘Drawing Show’
+ Timothy Karpinski (project room)

Dec. 5th – Jan. 2nd, 2009
Armsrock & Elbow-toe
+ Jon Todd (project room)

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