Thinkspace celebrates 5 years this November – huge group show + special pop-up show from ROA

This coming November Thinkspace will be celebrating its 5 Year Anniversary. We’re pretty excited about this and to help celebrate we have put together a group show that aims to focus on the artists that have helped to establish us as a gallery and that will also provide a glimpse at some of the artists we’ll be showcasing in the years ahead.

Check out the ‘Sneak Peek’ for our 5 Year Anniversary group show here:

‘5 Year Anniversary Show’

Opening Reception: Sat, Nov. 6th, 2010 7-10PM
On view: Nov. 6th – Nov. 27th, 2010

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City /

Artists taking part include:
Aaron Nagel
Allison Sommers
Amy Sol
Andrea Offermann
Andrew Hem
Andy Kehoe
Anthony Clarkson
Audrey Kawasaki
Brett Amory
Brian Viveros
Caia Koopman
Camilla d’Errico
Chet Zar
Craig “Skibs” Barker
Dabs Myla
David Bray
David MacDowell
Derek Gores
Emma Tooth
Esao Andrews
Fernando Chamarelli
Jacub Gagnon
Jeff Ramirez
Jen Lobo
Joao Ruas
Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez
Joshua Petker
Kelly Vivanco
Kevin Titzer
Lindsey Carr
Linnea Strid
Liz Brizzi
Natalia Fabia
Nathan DeYoung
Pakayla Rae Biehn
Pedro Matos
Sarah Joncas
Scott Radke
Stella Im Hultberg
Sylvia Ji
Timothy Karpinski
Tony Philippou
Tran Nguyen
Yosuke Ueno

With a featured installation from: Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez

We’ll be updating the ‘Sneak Peek’ link regularly as we get closer to the show this November. We will also be launching a series of ‘5 Years / 5 Questions’ interviews with all the artists we’ll be featuring in the show. Look for the 1st of those to be posted here in the week ahead.

ROA's massive mural at this year's Nuart Festival in Norway

Just in case that wasn’t enough, we’re not stopping there. We’re also happy to announce that we will be presenting Belgian-born artist ROA‘s debut west coast solo show the following weekend on Sat, Nov. 13th. This will be a special pop-up event presented by Thinkspace and taking place at New Puppy Gallery just outside of downtown Los Angeles. ROA has been extremely busy of late and traveling all over Europe. So far this summer he’s put up amazing pieces at Nuart, Infart, Critica Urbana and just finished up a few pieces in Ancona, Italy as part of Popup! 2010. On top of that he did a special piece in the UK that ended up on the cover of the recent issue of VNA. He’s currently preparing for a major trip to Russia that’s just around the corner. After all that, he’ll jet across the pond and will arrive into Los Angeles in late October… get ready!

Check out a nice set of ROA’s work on the streets courtesy of Unurth here:

More details will be announced soon…

Opening Reception: Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles

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