Thinkspace Family on Instagram: 4

On Instagram, you will always find us posting sneak peeks, studio shots, and the work of our Thinkspace family from around the world. Follow the accounts of those artists and you’ll get a sneak peak into their lives and creative process. To continue our series, Thinkspace Family on Instagram, here are the accounts of our current exhibiting artist, Amy Sol and KIKYZ1313, along with the work of other inspired whimsical detailed artists.  The Instagram accounts below are in the following order; Amy Sol, Kelly Vivanco, Alison Sommers, KIKYZ1313, Ozabu.

The last day to view Amy Sol’s “Garden Gamine” and KIKYZ1313’s “Progeny of Chaos” is this Saturday, April 23rd. Catch up on the inspiration behind the exhibitions in our interview with Amy Sol and KIKYZ1313 and visit the gallery during our hours from noon to 6pm, today through Saturday.

all nighting 🌙🎨 #oilpaint #wip

A photo posted by Amy Sol (@amysol) on

Slowly🐌#kellyvivanco #tendrils

A photo posted by Kelly Vivanco (@verpabunny) on

Somehow, this manages to constitute hours’ work. #gouache #greyday

A photo posted by Atelierbetriebe A. W. Sommers (@allisonsommers) on

wip for my solo show in Sep at @thinkspace_art

A photo posted by おざぶ (@ozabu) on

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