Thinkspace Family on Instagram : Brand Library & Art Center Edition

On Instagram, you will always find us posting sneak peeks, studio shots, and the work of our Thinkspace family from around the world. Follow the accounts of those artists and you’ll get a sneak peak into their lives and creative process. To continue our series, Thinkspace Family on Instagram, here are the accounts of a few of the artists who have installations at the Brand Library and Art Center.

Saner’s “In a Dream (En un Sueño) ” and the group exhibition NEXUS will both be on view at the Brand Library and Art Center now through January 6th.

The Instagram accounts below are in the following order; Saner, Cryptik, Drew Merritt, Lucien Shapiro, Bumblebeelovesyou.

My mural/ install for ‘NEXUS’ – curated by @thinkspace at the @brandlibrary || For this installation I recreated “Judith with the Head of Holofernes” which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Brand and Was hanging in their living room on their estate which is now the Brand Library. Dr. Leavitt of the Pasadena Art Museum determined that the original painting hanging in the Library is a original hand oil painted copy made by one of the students of Cristofano Allori in the early 1600’s. The original is in the Pitti Palace in Florence. || I wanted to pay homage to not only Mr. & Mr. Brand, but also recreate one of my favorite subjects in art history. I wanted to portray Judith as the savior of the twelve tribes as it was done traditionally with her hand maiden, but also I wanted to put the representation of god represented by the fluorescent light and how modern society views religion. The cord running on the ground ( which people were tripping over all night as I intended ) was also a comment on society’s views of religion and art. I liked the idea of people not knowing if it’s art and if they could step on it or if it was just an extension cord. || this is A MURAL and is TEMPORARY. If you want to view it it’s only on exhibition for a short time and will get painted over. || Subjects: (Judith) @whosroxy (handmaiden) @ladyshark (Holofernes) Addison Fischer || • || #DrewMerritt #thinkspacegallery #thinkspacefamily #brandlibrary #brandlibraryandartcenter #glendale #art #newcontemporary #nexus #freeadmission #painting #mural #slayinggiants #slayingidols #slayingflies

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Damn 2016 all I can think about is bashing your skull in with light and happiness. What’s happening…. #urbanobsessor

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