Thinkspace interviewed by Erratic Phenomena

Dabs Myla painting the bathroom at our new Culver City location

We were recetly interviewed by the amazing Erratic Phenomena blog and wanted to be sure all got the chance to check it out, as it came out really good and nicely profiles our first 5 years as a gallery.

“One of the most impressive attributes of the Thinkspace team is their prescient curatorial eye – rather than trawling through the rosters of other galleries to poach artists who are selling well, Thinkspace has continually trailblazed into new aesthetic territory, taking risks on the artists they believe in.” – Erratic Phenomena

Click below to read the full interview – ‘Thinkspace’s Audacious Vision’:

Please be sure to come out this Friday to check out our new location in the heart of Culver City.

6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Wed-Sat 1-6PM

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