Thinkspace interviewed by Hi-Fructose

Opening night at our new Culver City location

We were recently interviewed by our good friend and artist Nathan Spoor for a gallery-spotlight feature on Hi-Fructose and we wanted to be sure all got the chance to see it. Nathan did a great job delving into our first 5 years as a gallery and asked some great questions about what keeps us going.

Excerpt from the feature’s introduction:
“Los Angeles is a fascinating place to live the artistic life. We’re not just talking about being an artist per se, but being involved in the arts as a part of one’s life. The good folks that own and operate Thinkspace Gallery in LA do just that. Thinkspace was conceived during a time when there just weren’t enough options for showing talent, and talent was in abundance. A partnership between an enthusiastic and positive minded set of individuals would provide a ravenous contingency with just what they needed: the opportunity for young artists to show their work and test their mettle, and a place for new collectors and appreciators of the arts to begin their journeys as well. Join us as Nathan Spoor speaks with Thinkspace owners and founders Andrew Hosner and L.Croskey, taking us into the soft underbelly of this cornerstone innovative space.”

Check out the full interview here:

Also, if you didn’t check it out yet, there’s a great interview with us on Erratic Phenomena too:

Please be sure to come out tonight to the big book-signing event for ‘Hunt & Gather’ featuring over a dozen artists plus the author at our new location in the heart of Culver City. Full details here.

6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Wed-Sat 1-6PM

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