Time-lapse of Kelly Allen installing ‘A Star Is A Seed’ for Thinkspace’s Annual Summer Group Show

Kelly Allen is in town from SF to help with the installation of ‘A Star Is A Seed’ – her 10 foot wide and 8 foot high acrylic on laser cut steel creation. A must see if you find yourself in Culver City today for the annual ARTWALK.

Sat, June 4th 2-8PM
6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City / 310.558.3375
Annual Summer Group Show featuring 30 artists hailing from 7 countries including a special installation from Euth and featuring new works from Kelly Allen (USA), Brett Amory (USA), 
Paul Barnes (United Kingdom),
 Pakayla Rae Biehn (USA),
 Criag “Skibs” Barker (USA),
 David Bray (United Kingdom),
 Liz Brizzi (France),
 Bumblebee (USA),
 Adam Caldwell (USA),
 Anthony Clarkson (USA),
 David Cooley (USA),
 DABS MYLA (Australia),
 Jacub Gagnon (Canada), 
Derek Gores (USA), 
HOW and NOSM (Germany), Jeremy Hush (USA), 
David MacDowell (USA), 
Fumi Nakamura (Japan),
 John Park (USA),
 Kevin Peterson (USA), Tony Philippou (USA),
 Gustavo Ponce (USA),
 Scott Radke (USA),
 Jeff Ramirez (USA),
 Allison Sommers (USA)
, Kevin Titzer (USA), Yosuke Ueno (Japan),
 Kelly Vivanco (USA), 
Jonathan Wayshak (USA), and Derek Weisberg (USA) plus DJ Mr. NumerOnederful and live painting from John Park
(On view through June 11th)

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