Timothy Karpinski’s ‘fear fort’ comes to life tonight at Thinkspace

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Timothy Karpinski is in town from Portland and for the past few days has been busy in our gallery reconstructing his ‘fear fort’. Timothy has been living in the fort for over the past month, and has been this past week as well during the install process.

The ‘fear fort’ in Timothy’s own words is “where I can go and everything is okay, no fears in the fear fort.” This lil’ fort has to be seen in person, SO many lil’ intricacies within.

 TONIGHT – FRIDAY, November 6th @ Thinkspace

Timpthy Karpinski
‘My Heart Never Sleeps’ (main gallery)

Opening Reception: TONIGHT – Friday, November 6th 7-11PM
On View: Nov. 6th – Nov. 27th, 2009  

PREVIEW for ‘My Heart Never Sleeps’ from Timothy Karpinski: http://www.thinkspacegallery.com/2009/11/works.php  

Please note there will be some additional works added to Timothy Karpinski’s preview on Friday afternoon including some amazing hand-cut wood sculptures.

ALSO – for those attending the show in person, the ‘fear fort’ is filled with tons of lil’ drawings and small paintings that will range in price from $50 – $200, so get here early.

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