‘Tokyo Deluxe’ from Dabs Myla – day one of install

Dabs and Myla came into the gallery today to start the install process for ‘Tokyo Deluxe’. As mentioned, the show is based on their recent trip to Tokyo, Japan and aims to instill the same sensory overload one feels while visiting a city like Tokyo.

The duo will be back tomorrow to start work on the mural aspect of their show which will lay behind their paintings and numerous install elements. In all, there must be over 50 hand-cut figures and added elements that will be coming off the walls and hanging from the ceiling along with Japanese lanterns and more.

Just updated the ‘Sneak Peek’ preview set for the show on our Flickr:

Dabs Myla ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ THIS FRIDAY @ Thinkspace in our project room – get ready!!!

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