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Sneak Peek at 'Siren' from Sarah Joncas

Sarah Joncas ‘Siren’

“This Canadian artist has been making a name for herself in the art world the past few years and her newest work for her upcoming solo, Siren, shows increased focus and technical skill making for an impressive new series.” –

“Looking through the new body of work, you really get a sense that Sarah’s vision and technique is beginning to mature and grow.” –

“Her second solo showing with the cornerstone gallery, judging by what we see in the preview, will not only lure sailors to death by shipwreck, but also the Los Angeles art elite to Culver City for the opening on September 3rd.” –

“The most striking thing about Sarah Joncas’ work is how immensely this artist has improved over the past three years; each painting demonstrates stronger technique and more diverse subjects.” – Hunt&Gather

An interview with Sarah Joncas:

Video teaser for ‘Siren’ from Sarah Joncas:

DIGITAL PREVIEW for Sarah Joncas ‘Siren’:

Sneak Peek at 'Tokyo Deluxe' from Dabs Myla

Dabs Myla ‘Tokyo Deluxe’

“Dabs Myla are a pair of Aussies who relocated to LA last year. In a very short time, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity, having collaborated with top street artists like Augor and Rime, while working feverishly in their Hollywood studio to prep for their upcoming solo show, Tokyo Deluxe. The pair is infectiously energetic and genuinely kind. They truly love art and get along like two peas in a pod.” –

“Hell bent on asserting their mastery of the site specific installation, they are upping their game by mixing painted wall scenes with the painted cutouts including multi-layered elements as well as two-sided hanging pieces. One question that is often asked of artists is ‘how do you know when you’re done’ ? With respect to installation work, Dabs Myla’s answer is simple – work right up to the very last minute making as much as is humanly possible. That dedication sets them and their whimsical installations apart.” –

An interview with Dabs Myla:

Video teaser for ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ from Dabs Myla:

DIGITAL PREVIEW for Dabs Myla ‘Tokyo Deluxe‘:

Main gallery view of 'Siren' from Sarah Joncas with view into the project room featuring 'Tokyo Deluxe' from Dabs Myla

Sarah Joncas ‘Siren’
Main Gallery

Dabs Myla ‘Tokyo Deluxe’
Project Room

Opening Reception: TONIGHT – Fri, Sept. 3rd 7-11PM with all artists in attendance

6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City

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