Tonight at Thinkspace – show catalog and print release from João Ruas

Limited edition hardcover show catalog for 'YORE' from João Ruas

This evening at Thinkspace we will be releasing a beautiful hardcover show catalog from João Ruas featuring all the works from ‘YORE‘.

Sample spread from the limited edition show catalog for 'YORE'

Limited Edition of 50 copies
40 Full Color Pages printed on 128 GSM matte paper with 140 GSM matte end papers
Hardcover (Smythe Sewn / square-backed)
7×7 inches
Signed and stamped by the artist
Published by Thinkspace in association with Eidolon Fine Arts

Each show catalog will also come with the following bonus items:

The limited edition 'Process Works' sketchbook from João Ruas

‘Process Works Sketchbook’ – reproduction of Ruas’ sketchbook for ‘YORE’
28 pages saddle-stitched
5×7 inches
Limited to 50 copies
Signed and stamped by the artist

The limited edition mini giclee print of 'Cerberus' from João Ruas

A mini giclee print of ‘Cerberus’
Printed on GSM Museo II paper
Limited to 50 copies
Signed and stamped by the artist

The hardback show catalog + sketchbook reproduction + mini show print

ALL for only $50

The limited edition giclee print of 'Nymphs V' from João Ruas

PLUS we’ll be publishing a new giclee print edition from Ruas as well:

‘Nymphs V’
Edition of 25 (plus 3APs + 1PP)
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper
13″ x 11.75″ with 11×9.25″ image area
$60 each

Both the show catalog and the giclee print will be issued tonight during the opening reception for ‘YORE‘ – come Monday we’ll post a link on our webshop for out of state collectors.

This Saturday only you will be able to get both the show catalog ‘set’ along with the print for ‘Nymphs V’ for only $100 – in person purchases only

'Minion' - limited edition reproduction of João Ruas' sketchbook

Please note we’ll also have a handful of copies of ‘Minion’ – Ruas’ limited edition sketchbook reproduction that was first offered at this past July’s ComiCon. ‘Minion’ will be available for $36 each.

João Ruas 'Small Gorgoneion I' - Pencil, acrylic on acetate & Arches paper (2011)

João Ruas ‘YORE’

TONIGHT – Sat, Nov. 5th 5-8PM

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

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