Upcoming exhibitions at Thinkspace…

Upcoming @ thinkspace:

Aug. 8th – Sept. 5th
Stella Im Hultberg “Raveled”
+ Dennis Hayes IV “Against The Grain” (project room)
& select new works from Allison Sommers “Waterways” (project room)

Sept. 12th – Oct. 3rd
Lesley Reppeteaux “Tumbling”
+ Zach Johnsen “Sunnyside-Yard” (projectroom)
& select new works from Paul Barnes “Come Wander With Me” (project room)

Oct. 10th – Oct. 31st
Ekundayo & Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez – “Red Forest” (lil’ sneak peek from KMNDZ above)
+ Jeaneen Carlino “Moments Of Bliss” (project room)

Nov. 7th – Nov. 29th
Audrey Kawasaki & friends – “Drawing Show”
+ Timothy Karpinski solo (project room)

Dec. 12th – Jan. 2nd, 2009
ARMSROCK & Elbow-Toe – “Mostly Memory”
+ Jon Todd solo (project room)

Watch out for solo shows in 2009 from:
Esao Andrews, Andy Kehoe, Amy Crehore, Sarah Joncas, Timothy Karpinski, Matthew Feyld, Turf One, Stella Im Hultberg, Brandi Milne, David MacDowell, Allison Sommers, Catherine Brooks, Tony Philippou, Jesse Hotchkiss and many more along with special exhibits curated by the fine folks at Modart Magazine out of Europe and the Ad Hoc Art crew out of Brooklyn, NY.

Thank you all for your ongoing support! We’ll be three years old this October, and we couldn’t have done it without you all on board.

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